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WordPress is the most used open-source platform for any type of websites: whether it is blog, CMS or any other custom solution. WordPress is naturally based on PHP.
Being it free and widely used, it is also the most preferred exploitation destinations for hackers across the globe. While WordPress has been continuously releasing new versions that loop up the security holes, its popularity as a blogging platform has always prompted hackers to come up with new measures to hack information, interrupt service, redirect traffic or other purposes.
In this mail, we would provide you with few tips and tricks for securing WordPress blog. WordPress site owners should be responsible for taking necessary actions to maintain their site and prevent hacks.

1. Maintain strong passwords
Many potential vulnerabilities can be avoided with good strong password. Hopefully you already have a good password. If not, please do not procrastinate on this one and reset the password to strong one asap.

2. Always keep up with WP updates
Staying vigilant about security is an ongoing responsibility for any WordPress site owner.
WordPress provides updates with security fixes all of the time. Updates are released to fix bugs, introduce new features, or, most importantly, to patch security holes. When you get the notification in admin panel, please don’t ignore it! It’s the single most effective way to secure your site from attacks. The same goes for plugins and themes.

3. Install WordPress Security Scan Plugin
There is a good plugin which scans your WordPress installation and give the suggestion accordingly. This plugin will check for below things:

File Permissions
Database Security
WordPress Admin protection

Download the plugin from here:

The security plugin may conflict with other plugins/ themes that are already installed.

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a) Symlink Protection
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WordPress Security Precautions – Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting
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