What is Telnet? It’s Working and uses, Hostripples Web Hosting

What is Telnet? It’s Working and uses

What is Telnet? It’s Working and uses

Today we are going to discuss about what is telnet and how it works as well as its uses. So let’s start!

Internet is a network of millions of computers around the world which allows to easily access and restore any information situated at a remote location or somewhere in the world from your computer through a service called telnet.

Telnet was developed in 1969, as one of the first internet standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force which is called as IETF. The name Telnet stands for “Telecommunications Network” to add a remote connectivity between computer and the network.

Telnet can be connected to a remote machine that through a network and its port listening. Telnet provides bidirectional interactive text-oriented communication facility. Telnet is a protocol that allows through to connect to remote computers called host using TCP/IP network such as internet.

We already know that TCP/IP is a Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol. Using telnet client’s software on the computer make a connection to a telnet server. Once your telnet client establishes a connection to a remote host, your client computer becomes a virtual terminal along with a way to communicate with the remote host from your computer.

In most cases you will need to look into the remote host which requires that to have an account on that computer or system. Occasionally, you can login as a guest or public without having an account.  Telnet clients are available for all major operating systems.

Telnet is a client server protocol based on a reliable connections oriented transport. Typically this protocol is used to establish a connection to transmission control protocol port no.23 where a telnet server application is listening.

Telnet is considered as an insecure because this transfer is unencrypted and has no specific security mechanisms, which means if a user was transferring data on a network it is very much possible that the username and password could get hacked, while they were being transmitted.

Users who are concerned about the data being transmitted such way then they should consider SSH as a support to telnet.

Thus in many applications and services telnet has been replaced by secured services known as SSH. You would probably never use telnet on a network that requires to use telnet on it.

Let’s discuss about how does telnet works and working process of telnet.

Telnet provides the users with bidirectional interactive text oriented communication system utilizing a virtual terminal connection in 8 byte. User data is intersected in band with telnet transport protocol which is basically open telnet passed it on a terminal to function remotely. The user connects to the server by using the telnet protocol which means into a command with a syntax which is known as telnet hostname port. The user then executes the command on the server by using the specific telnet commands into the telnet. To end the session and logout the user ends the telnet with telnet Quit command to end the session.

Common uses of telnet:

Telnet is used for testing or troubleshooting the remote servers as well as remote access which is multiuser and telnet also tests internal networks.


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What is Telnet? It’s Working and uses, Hostripples Web Hosting
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