Understanding Task Queue Monitoring Interface In WHM (cPanel)

Today we are going to discuss about a interface present under the “Server Status” category of the WHM, which is known as “Task Queue Monitor”.

Let’s first discuss about what task queue is and why they are required:

Task Queue:

Task queues allow the applications to perform their tasks which occur outside of the user request. If any application requires executing any work in the background, then that task is added to the task queues. These are then executed by worker services later.

Important thing to keep in mind about Task Queue Monitor is that this service is designed especially for the work which is done outside of the user request.

Task Queue Monitor:

The task queue monitor interface shows us the information about cPanel and WHM’s task queue in present time.

Let’s see how to access this interface:

Log in to the WHM >> you will see WHM’s home interface >> Navigate to the “Server Status” category >> Click “Task Queue Monitor >> following interface will appear:

In this interface you will see a checkbox: Show Task Details

If you want to view the task details then select this checkbox.

You can view task details displayed under “Server information

It will display the information about when a task runs or when the system queues a task to run, then name of the task and also if there is any relevant information associated with it.

Let’s describe the various options present in “Server information”:

  • Processing – It means that the task is processing.
  • Pending – It means that the task will run once the Processing queue finishes.
  • Scheduled – It means that the associated module will assign a specific time to the task to run in the future.
  • Deferred – It means that the task will run at a time when the module specifies.

When you select the “Show Task Details” checkbox it will display following additional information

  1. Command: – It displays the command that the task executes
  2. Enqueue: – It displays the time when the task entered the task queue.
  3. Process ID: – It displays the process number of the in progress process.
  4. Remaining retries: – It displays the number of times that the task will attempt to retry again if it fails.
  5. Child Timeout: – It displays the time in which the task should run otherwise it will time out.
  6. Task ID: – It displays the task’s unique identification number.

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