The biggest security factor for a website


Being on a shared server has a lot more risks as all kinds of other potentially vulnerable sites are running on it and all kinds of other people can upload code to it.
Hostripples understand the need of basic , personal website and begginer webdeveloper, and hence  the reason Hostripples bind  to protect your data even if its on shared server by applying the custome security by our Expert team and minimize the possibility of getting hack.

A dedicated server is much more secure as you control exactly who gets to run code on it, and gives the sysadmin much more scope in hardening things. As lots of website host on the single shared server and they share the resources but hostripples security make sure  that the one infected account will not affect other accounts hosted on the server or the services on the server.

Drupal core has good security IMO and the core team do a great job – but things are a little different with contribute modules. You need to be a little more careful with those. Wherever possible think hard about what modules you really need and stick to contribute modules by known developers with good reputations that get a lot of other known developers contributing to them.

By understanding the need of the secure website hostripples offers the Drupal Compatible Hosting Servers which are 100% compatible and one click installation of the drupal with help of 360+ preinstalled script on the server.

why not try this with such cheap rate and high security and quality.

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Andrew J
Technical Support Department

The biggest security factor for a website, Hostripples Web Hosting
Andrew J
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