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Are you sure that Your Hosting Company SEO Friendly? Well if you not with Hostripples, you must check it out. You must know that why it is crucial to have SEO friendly hosting for your website. Having the wrong host can be detrimental to your listing and usually when something goes wrong the damage is too substantial to fix.

Check these TIP’s on choosing a hosting provider

Down Time & Server Response
This is critical when your site is down frequently and slow site loading, You want to find a server with a up time or 99.9%. Server down time that lasts too long and returns the wrong HTTP server status during maintenance or suspension will KILL your ranking very quickly.
We understand the traffic is the source of your income and we do not want to charge you extra for  incoming traffic on your website.

With hostripples you will get the Unlimited (Yes Unlimited ) Bandwidth and you will never find your website banned or suspended for massive bandwidth utilization.
Hostripples also allow you the Unlimited disk usage which gives you the freedom to use your hosting as you want.

Full featured Cpanel Access :
Hostripples give you full featured cpanel access which gives you lots of option to use it on your website
Cpanel comes with Softaculas which has 360+ preinstalled / Single lick installation script

URL rewriting
Hostripples allow you to use URL rewriting which is the best part of the SEO friendly Hosting company as this allow you to modify your URL and show as you want it to google.

The .htaccess file is responsible for many server side tweeks that make a website search engine friendly just a tad easier. You can easily set up 301 redirects when needed and mod_rewrite is a breeze (so long as you have checked that your server supports it).[signal] In the .htaccess file you can also help speed up your site by adding caching capabilities.

Dedicated IP
Hostripples allow you to have dedicated IP on your domain which wil make sure no other process or domain will work on the same IP

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Andrew J
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