S3 – Compatible Backup Destination in WHM

S3 – Compatible Backup Destination in WHM

Today I will be showing you how to add your ‘Simple Storage Service’ accounts as a new backup destination.

‘Simple Storage Service’ accounts: – which we call ‘S3- Compatible’ accounts are a great storage option for your account backup. A ‘Simple Storage Service’ account provides a relatively cheap and alternative storing the backup outside of your local directory.

Amazon S3 is the most popular and best –known ‘Simple Storage Service’ provider. However it is not the only provider in the market. This is why we added the ability to connect to other ‘S3-Compatible’ provider’s backup destination in ‘WHM’s Backup Configuration’ interface. Starting in cPanel in the recent version.

Before you login to the WHM to add your ‘S3- Compatible’ backup destination you will need the following information from your S3 provider:

  • The S3 end point
  • Your bucket name
  • Your Access Key ID
  • The Secret Access Key

The S3 end point: – Represents the FQDN or Fully Qualified Domain Name; of the S3 provider’s server; where your account lists.

The bucket name: – Represents the name of the storage space you assign that bucket name to your provider. You can add multiple buckets with one S3 account bucket is a very common term for this type of storage space.

However the name of that storage space can vary based on your provider.

The Access Key ID: – Act as your username

The Secret Access Key: – Act as your password to access the buckets in your S3 accounts.

Your ‘S3 compatible’ provider would generate access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Be sure to save your ‘Secret access key’ in a safe place! Since your provider may show to you only once and then it’s gone!

Now that you have the required information it’s time to setup your ‘S3-Compatible Backup Destination’ in WHM.

Log in to WHM and navigate to the ‘Backup Configuration’ interface.

Click on the next tab i.e. ‘Additional Destination’ section.

 From the menu select ‘S3 Compatible’ then click ‘Create New Destination’.

This opens up a form where you will enter the information that you gathered from your S3- Provider.

First however you need to enter a ‘Destination name’. This name describes the new backup destination. The system would display the destination name and the additional destination table in this interface.

The next set of information is to add a ‘Folder name’. It is optional. This acts as a folder where your backup stores by your bucket and enter the information that you gathered from your S3 provider

In the next 4 text boxes, The S3 endpoint, the bucket, the Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, enter that information.

Change the ‘Timeout’ time’ if needed. A ‘Timeout’ is an amount of time for which a server to waits for a remote servers response before generating any error. I am not going to change it.

Then you have a choice you can either ‘Save the destination’

Or ‘Save and validate destination’, to validate the destination means that WHM will verify whether the connection to the destination server works.

Click the button that best suits your choice. A confirmation message will appear if the ‘Save and Validation’ is successful. That’s it!

When your system runs a backup your backups automatically transfer to the ‘Simple Storage Service’ bucket. You can add and adjust as many destinations as you like.

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