Introduction to MySQL Databases In cPanel

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the MySQL Databases tool in continuation to our previous discussion on phpMyAdmin.

Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, Bulletin Boards etc. requires to handle a large amount of data. For that, they use MySQL databases. Therefore, MySQL database is a tool for managing a large amount of information over the web easily. MySQL is good for running many web-based applications.

You can use this interface to create, manage, and delete MySQL databases and database users.

  • Create New Database : –

This option is used for creating a new database. As shown in the following screenshot, you are required to enter the new database name in the text box given below and then click the “Create Database” button.


  • Current Databases : –

This option is used for seeing the list of all the MySQL databases which you have created. As seen in the following screen you will see following information about MySQL databases.

  • Database— The name of the database.
  • Size— The size of the database.
  • Privileged Users— The users who can manipulate the database.
  • Actions The available actions for this database. Click the appropriate icon in this column to rename or delete a database.


  • Add MySQL User

Once you have created the database it is time to add a database user and assign the privileges to the user.


For adding a MySQL User perform following steps:

  1. Username: In this text box enter the Username.
  2. Password: Generate a strong password
  3. Password (Again): Confirm the password.
  4. Click “Create User”.
  • Current Users:

This table will show the list of all your MySQL database users and all the actions that they are allowed to perform.


The users can perform the following actions:

Change Password: If the user wants to change the database users password then change and confirm the modified password and then click change password.

Rename: Select this option for renaming the database user. Enter the desired Username and click “Change Username”.

Delete: For permanently deleting a database user click “Delete User”.

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