Introduction to FTP connections in cPanel: Part 7

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss FTP connections which are in continuation of our previous tutorial on FTP Accounts {Introduction To FTP Accounts In CPanel: Part 6}:

This tool is used for monitoring the visitor’s who are logged into your site through FTP. It can be used to terminate the FTP connections to prevent file access by unwarranted users.

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Current Connections:

Here you will get an option “Current Connections” using it you will be able to see all the current FTP connections to your website.

The information will be displayed in the following format:

  • User: It will display the Username of an authenticated FTP
  • Logged in from: It will display the host through which the user connected to your FTP server.
  • Login Time: It will display the FTP session’s start time and date. For Ex: Fri Jul 19 13:19:20 2018
  • Status: It will display the FTP session’s status that is whether it is Idle or Active.
  • Process ID: It will display the FTP session’s process ID. For Ex: 10256
  • Actions: It will display the actions that you may perform with the FTP session. Like Disconnect: Allows you to disconnect the FTP session.
  • To refresh the list of FTP sessions, click “Reload”.

Disconnect users from an FTP session

If you suspect malicious activity from a user, or if the user is idle, you can disconnect their FTP session. To disconnect a user from an FTP session, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Disconnect next to the FTP session that you wish to disconnect.
  2. To verify that the server disconnected the session, click Reload.


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