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In this blog we are going to discuss about Email Routing tool in cPanel which is in continuation to our previous blog on Introduction to Email Forwarders in cPanel. In the last blog we discussed about how Email Forwarders can be added to a specific user account or to a Domain account.

Let’s start the discussion:

What is email routing?

This interface is used for routing domain’s incoming mails to a specific server.

Note : – Setting a wrong option here can break receiving mail on your server. If you are at all unsure about which option to select, contact your system administrator.

For selecting this option, use following path:

cPanel==>Email==>Email Routing

Once you select this option following screen will appear:

Here you will see an option : Domain

Domain: –

Perform the following steps, to configure your server for routing mail for a domain :

Select the desired domain from the drop down list if you have more than one domain, but if you have only one domain then system will automatically select it for you. As shown below:

Here you will get one more option:

Configure Email Routing:-

It has following options:

  1. Automatically Detect Configuration (Recommended)
  2. Local Mail Exchanger
  3. Backup Mail Exchanger
  4. Remote Mail Exchanger


Let’s discuss about them in detail:

  1. Automatically Detect Configuration (Recommended) : – In this feature the system uses the various criteria to detect the email routing settings. When you click “More” option next to this then you will some more criteria’s as follows:


  • Local Email Exchanger :- The lowest numbered mail exchanger points to a IP address on this server.
  • Backup Mail Exchanger : – The lowest numbered mail exchanger points to an IP address not on this server.
  • Remote Mail Exchanger : – No mail exchangers point to an IP address on this server.
  1. Local Mail Exchanger: – The server will always accept mail for this domain. The system will deliver mail to the local mailbox.

  1. Backup Mail Exchanger:- The server will act as a backup mail exchanger. The system will hold mail for this domain until a lower number mail exchanger is available.
  2. Remote Mail Exchanger:- The server will not accept mail for this domain. The system sends all mail for this domain to the lowest numbered mail exchanger.
  3. Click “Change”.

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