Introduction to Disk Usage in cPanel: Part4

In continuation of our previous tutorials Directory Privacy In CPanel {Introduction To Directory Privacy In CPanel: Part 3}, now we are going to discuss a tool i.e. Disk Usage in cPanel.

This tool is used for Monitoring your account’s available space with the Disk Usage feature. All presented figures are relative to the largest directory. Use the File Manager to see usage data for individual files and the MySQL feature to see usage data for individual databases.

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When you select this option then the following screen will appear:

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Here you can see a list of all the Locations(i.e. folders), their size in MB and their Disk Usage. As explained earlier the disk usage figure shown here is relative to the largest directory.

In the following screen, you can see the total disk space used out of the quota limit.


†Email account storage may occupy less space on the disk if you use compression or hard-link optimizations designed to save space. Email account storage does not include the metadata that the system uses to store email.

‡The files outside of your home directory, the metadata that the system uses to store email in the mail directory, or the files that you do not have permission to access.

These figures may not reflect recent changes to your account’s disk usage.

The Disk Usage table below indicates how much space the directories’ contents use, not how much space the directory itself uses. Files typically occupy more disk space than their actual size. This may cause discrepancies between the data you see in the File Manager versus the information you find here.

In this table, you can see a list of all the directories which you can sort by Name or Disk Usage and the Contained Disk Usage in MB and in Bytes.

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