Introduction to Directory Privacy in cPanel: Part 3

This is our next topic of discussion in continuation with Images in cPanel {Introduction of Images in cPanel: Part 2}

This tool is used for setting a password to protect certain directories of your account. When you enable this feature, a user that tries to open a protected folder will be prompted to enter a username and password before they can access your content.

This tool when selected shows the following window:

Here you can see a list of all the folders. Select the required folder to which you want to set a username and password.

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When you select a folder then it will navigate you to another screen as follows:

It will show you the path for which you want to set permission for. When a user attempts to access the protected directory through a browser, the site will prompt them to enter a username and password. The name that you choose for the protected directory will also be displayed.

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If you want to password protect this directory then you would require to select the checkbox for “Password protect this directory”.

Then you are prompted to enter the name for the protected directory and then save it.

Next, you are required to create a User. To enter the details of the user like -Username, Generate a strong password and you can choose an option “I have copied this password in a safe place”. Thus the password will get automatically confirmed. Then you are required to “Save” the changes.

In the following screen, I have shown you how to fill in the details of the user: For ex. I have entered “example” as a name for the protected directory and entered “User1” as the Username with a new password.

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Once I “Save” these changes then following success message will appear:

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