Install Nginx as reverse proxy on cPanel server

How to install Nginx as reverse proxy on cPanel server

following steps are installing Nginx as reverse proxy on cPanel server

Steap 1 : 

SSH to server as root.

Steap 2 : 

Change the directory to “/usr/local/src”

# cd /usr/local/src


Download the latest nginxadmin package & Install

#tar xf nginxadmin.tar
#cd publicnginx
#./nginxinstaller install

Now, After installing make sure Nginx process is running on the server, You can chcek the following command.

# ps aux | grep nginx

then, it is not showing any process, then kill httpd and restart httpd

#killall -9 httpd
#/etc/init.d/httpd restart

Nginx Admin Uninstall instruction:

#cd /usr/local/src 
#tar xf nginxadmin.tar 
#cd publicnginx
#./nginxinstaller uninstall 


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