How to install Java Application from Plesk?

How to install Java Application from Plesk?

To browse .jsp files directly on a Windows Plesk server is not directly possible the way we access .php files. For that it is required to compile a .war file and also deploy it on the server. Once the .war files is ready to be installed, you yourself can do it from the Plesk Control Panel

Step 1 – First, log in to your Plesk Panel.

Step 2- Then Navigate to Domains option.

Step 3 – Select the domain name for which you wish to deploy the .war file.

Here, it will show 3 options. Web Applications, Java Applications & Applications.

Step 5 – Select ‘Java Applications’ as we have to deploy .war file and allow server to serve .jsp pages.

Step 6 – Select ‘Install Java Application’ to upload the .war file. You can also switch the application to ‘On’ OR ‘Off’ whenever needed.

Step 7 – Let’s browse the .war file from your local machine and upload. It will get deployed on the server and .jsp pages will be served under your domain.

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Step 2- Then Navigate to Domains option.

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