How to install ioping in linux server !!!

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This tool lets you monitor I/O latency in real time. It shows disk latency in the same way as ping shows network latency.

Login to SSH.

Go to the folder where you want to download it.

cd /usr/local/src

Download the installation file.

Extract that file using below command.

tar -xzvf ioping-0.6.tar.gz

Go inside that folder.

cd ioping-0.6

compile it using below command.

make ioping


Usage: ioping [-LABCDWRq] [-c count] [-w deadline] [-pP period] [-i interval]
               [-s size] [-S wsize] [-o offset] directory|file|device
        ioping -h | -v

      -c <count>      stop after <count> requests
      -w <deadline>   stop after <deadline>
      -p <period>     print raw statistics for every <period> requests
      -P <period>     print raw statistics for every <period> in time
      -i <interval>   interval between requests (1s)
      -s <size>       request size (4k)
      -S <wsize>      working set size (1m)
      -o <offset>     working set offset (0)
      -L              use sequential operations (includes -s 256k)
      -A              use asynchronous I/O
      -C              use cached I/O
      -D              use direct I/O
      -W              use write I/O *DANGEROUS*
      -R              seek rate test (same as -q -i 0 -w 3 -S 64m)
      -B              print final statistics in raw format
      -q              suppress human-readable output
      -h              display this message and exit
      -v              display version and exit



Show disk I/O latency using the default values and the current directory, until interrupted

$ ioping .
4096 bytes from . (ext4 /dev/sda3): request=1 time=0.2 ms
4096 bytes from . (ext4 /dev/sda3): request=2 time=0.2 ms
4096 bytes from . (ext4 /dev/sda3): request=3 time=0.3 ms
4096 bytes from . (ext4 /dev/sda3): request=4 time=12.7 ms
4096 bytes from . (ext4 /dev/sda3): request=5 time=0.3 ms
--- . (ext4 /dev/sda3) ioping statistics ---
5 requests completed in 4794.0 ms, 364 iops, 1.4 MiB/s
min/avg/max/mdev = 0.2/2.8/12.7/5.0 ms

Measure disk seek rate (iops, avg)

$ ioping -R /dev/sda

--- /dev/sda (device 465.8 GiB) ioping statistics ---
186 requests completed in 3004.6 ms, 62 iops, 0.2 MiB/s
min/avg/max/mdev = 6.4/16.0/26.8/4.7 ms

Measure disk sequential speed (MiB/s)

$ ioping -RL /dev/sda

--- /dev/sda (device 465.8 GiB) ioping statistics ---
837 requests completed in 3004.1 ms, 292 iops, 72.9 MiB/s
min/avg/max/mdev = 2.0/3.4/28.9/2.0 ms


How to install ioping in linux server !!!, Hostripples Web Hosting
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