How to enable CloudFlare

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How to enable CloudFlare


Hostripples is the authorised partner with CloudFlare which enabled us to provide our customers the ability to enable CloudFlare from inside their cPanel account. In order to complete these simply follow the instructions below:

, How to enable CloudFlare, Hostripples Web Hosting

1. Click on the Cloudflare Icon in cPanel under the  Software/Services section.

2. Enter your email address and accept the EULA.

3. Select the domain you want to enable cloudflare for on the box on the left.

4. The interface will pull up a list of sub-domains you can enable cloudflare protection on, click on the grey clouds for the sub-domains you want to enable and wait for them to turn orange.


Even if you have dedicated or VPS package with us which runs cpanel on it you can use this facility and provide the same to your end customers.



How to enable CloudFlare, Hostripples Web Hosting