How to Create Wheel User In WHM?, Hostripples Web Hosting

How to Create Wheel User In WHM?

How to Create a Wheel User In WHM?

In this blog, we are going learn how to prevent any user from logging in as a root to your server. This will help secure your server from hackers who try to guess your root password. So how will you log in this root? Well! The only use what we call wheel user which is allowed to promote itself to root in a shell. We will also set your server who requires Secure Connections to the cPanel and WHM interface.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1- Let’s first login to WHM.

Step 2 – Here we are in the WHM home interface. Now we will create a new user with the dummy domain as and username as Once the user has been created we will receive a confirmation message.

Step 3 – Then we will scroll down to “Security Center” and click “Manage wheel group users” and a confirmation message will appear.

How to Create Wheel User In WHM?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Step 4 – Select the users that you wish to allow promoting themselves to Root. In the following screenshot, you can see that I have selected the new user “wheeluser” to allow it promoting as a Root user.

How to Create Wheel User In WHM?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Step 5 – Click “Add to a group”. A confirmation message will appear.

If you want to go ahead and disable root from logging in directly, you need to do that from the command line i.e. SSH. Run the following command to open SSH’s configuration file.

# vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Step 6 – Then add the following line

PermitRootLogin no

Step 7 – Then save the file.

Step 8 – Then you will need to restart the SSH server. Scroll down to restart services and click SSH server. Click “Yes”. A confirmation message will appear and the changes will be active.

Step 9 – The next time when you want to use root in the shell, you will need to login as a user in the wheel group. Then issue the su – command.

Conclusion: In this way, you can create and manage wheel group user.

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How to Create Wheel User In WHM?, Hostripples Web Hosting
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