How to access Awstats From Outside the control panel?

Accessing Awstats from outside the control panel is easy.
Step 1 >> 
Download awstats from

Step 2>> 
Uncompress awstats-7.2.tgz

Step 3>>
Copy the contents of the uncompressed cgi-bin folder from your hard drive to the user cgi-bin directory (this includes, awstats.model.conf, and the lang, lib and plugins sub-directories).

Step 4>>
If necessary (should not be needed with most setups), edit the first (top-most) line of file that is
to reflect the path were your Perl interpreter is installed. Default value works for most of Unix OS, but it also might be

Step 5>>
Move AWStats icon sub-directories and its content into a directory readable by your web server, for example /home/users/public_html/icons

Step 6>>
Copy awstats.model.conf file into a new file named awstats.myvirtualhostname.conf. This new file must be stored in

Step 7>>
Edit this new config file with your own setup :
– Change LogFile value with full path of your web server log file
(The path is:LogFile=”/usr/local/apache/domlogs/”).

– Check if LogFormat has the value “1” (it means “NCSA apache combined/ELF/XLF log format”).

– Change DirIcons parameter to reflect relative path of icon directory.

– Edit SiteDomain parameter with the main domain name or the intranet web server name used to reach the web site to analyze (Example:

– Change DirData to use the same Statics file than Cpanel Awstats and do not loose any entry.

Step 8>>
Access AwStats by the URL:

That’s all!!!

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