Basic Hosting Required Commands!

Below are some commands which we use to handle hosting related tasks with the help of command line :


cd : change the working directory
rm : remove files or directories
mv : move (rename) files
mkdir : make directories
cp : copy files and directories
touch : change file timestamps
chmod : change file access permissions
chown : change file owner and group
useradd : Create a new user or update default new user information
usermod : Modify a user account
groupadd : Create a new group
groupmod : modify a group
passwd : update a user’s authentication tokens(s)
chage : change user password expiry information
find : find files
locate :  find files by name
udpatedb : update a database for mlocate
ps : report a snapshot of the current processes.
pstree : display a tree of processes
yum : RPM installer/updater
clear : clear the terminal screen
vim : Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor


Commands are always being the key part with respect to perform the hosting related tasks.

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