Difference between Django registration and Django registration Redux, Hostripples Web Hosting

Difference between Django registration and Django registration Redux

When you are talking about different packages in Django then, Django registration and Django Registration Redux are the two different Python packages. Although they are the same Python packages. The reason they are the same Python packages is that you might see that the original package developers of  Django registration might have stopped developing or updating things.

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So when they stopped updating things then we either get rid of these Python packages or just sit there dormant or somebody comes along and takes with the originally did package and makes it a better or at least update it.

Django registration’ original version that came around, don’t exactly know when but from then its version is 1.10 now, which has made user registration really easy and simple. Maybe Django Registration version that an original developer no longer supports so it became old and don’t work anymore especially with the new versions of Django.

So what another developers did that they take the original code and updated it and called it Django Registration Redux. This is what might have happened.  But instead of transferring the ownership on any form there was a just a new one that was brought out.

That’s what happened with Open Source code. It’s really cool actually when you think about it. Somebody is started building these projects, insert a lot of value, lot of efforts and then that certain person or certain group no longer support that project. They just get busy with another thing or they just didn’t find it important enough to continue using with it. Which is fine as it happens all the time in Open Source.

Because of that also allows another developer to think and take over that project and then really built on top of it and release it under a new name. In this case, they released it under a new name, but still gave a recognition to the original author. With Django Registration as a part of the name, right!

So, like for Python Social Auth, is an another Python package that handles user registration but it is not like Django registration. It is not the same code base and also not an updated version of that.

Django registration Redux, in this case, is the difference between those two packages. But then you see it for those packages elsewhere too. So encourage yourself to try such things. If you see an older package that used to have a lot of value and maybe it has not been updated in years why not try to update it yourself.

That would be a really good challenge, especially for the new developers to take somebody else to package and fork it, update it yourself and see it actually provides value for the rest of the world. Then add your own new little for it and then release it and also obviously contact that original developer to say I want to use redux package can you do that? Sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t.

So that would be a good challenge. Now the difference between the versions i.e. version 1.1 and 1.4 that’s actually simple. That’s actually a new release. Whenever a new version of Django comes out or a new version of Python comes out and they have to change and update few things then that’s when they do versions 1.1,1.2, etc. All they want it is to introduce new functions or new features or new security features. That’s something in all Python packages do, all the time. So if you see 1.1 or 2.4 or whatever, those are the new things that are supported that way.


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Difference between Django registration and Django registration Redux, Hostripples Web Hosting
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