cPanel team releases security patches for 20 critical vulnerabilities




The cPanel security team has identified several security concerns in their control panel software. They have released patches to address all these security concerns with the cPanel and WHM product.  This patch addresses 20 vulnerabilities in cPanel & WHM software versions 11.54, 11.52, 11.50, and 11.48. The patches include following vulnerability fix

  1.  Arbitrary code execution via unsafe @INC path.
  2. SQL injection vulnerability in bin/horde_update_usernames.
  3. Arbitrary code execution vulnerability during locale duplication.
  4. Password hashes revealed by bin/mkvhostspasswd script.
  5. Limited arbitrary file read in bin/
  6. Code execution as shared users via JSON-API.
  7. Password hash revealed by chcpass script.
  8. Arbitrary file overwrite in scripts/check_system_storable.
  9. Arbitrary file chown/chmod during Roundcube database conversions.
  10. Arbitrary file read and write via scripts/fixmailboxpath.
  11. Arbitrary file overwrite in scripts/quotacheck.
  12. Limited arbitrary file chmod in scripts/secureit.
  13. Arbitrary code execution via scripts/synccpaddonswithsqlhost.
  14. Self-XSS in WHM PHP Configuration editor interface.
  15. Missing ACL enforcement in AppConfig subsystem.
  16. Stored XSS in WHM Feature Manager interface.
  17. Self-XSS in X3 Entropy Banner interface.
  18. Unauthenticated arbitrary code execution via cpsrvd.

For more details regarding this announcement, please check the following article:


To update the cPanel to latest  version  follow below steps :

Login to server via Shell  and run below command in screen .

#/scripts/upcp –force


Stay Secure!

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