Attracta’s Free High-powered SEO Tools to Shared hosting.

Want to do online business? Want to incease your presence on the net?
SEO…SEO…SEO is the only solution for your websites.

To increase the google ranking, need to do SEO first. Google, Yahoo and Bing etc are most popular search engines.

Every search engines want to see mobile-friendly design, good server response time with low bounce rates etc.



Attracta’s Free tools will help you with SEO. It has been integrated succesfully with the cPanel/WHM control panel. Installation steps are very easy. The only condition is that, you must be “root” to access to your server to proceed the installation.




A. SSH to your server as root user and fire following commands.

1. Download the installation script,

wget -N

2. Excute sh script.

sh cpanel-install

B. Register or link your server with Attracta Partner Account by running the following command.

[button color=”” size=”” type=”outlined” target=”” link=””]echo 111111 | /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/attracta/scripts/[/button]

Note: 111111 replace it with correct number.

It has been now installed on the Cpanel server. You can verify it by accessing your Cpanel. You will see SEO tools section.

That’s it.