Who controls the price of domain names??

Whenever you purchase a domain name, you pay an annual fee at the domain registrar. So in today’s blog, we are going to talk about the domain name registration system, in which we will be talking about who is involved in it and who controls the price of domain names. Let’s first discuss domain registries […]

Commands to Manage Adaptech RAID controller

Below are the commands throguh we can manage Adaptech on the fly. RAID verifying/Rebuilding is important. Basic command line options to mange the hardware raid are as below, AD : Adapter information only LD : Logical device information only LD# : Optionally display information about the specified logical device PD : Physical device information only AL […]

How to Create a StartSSL Certificate on StartSSL Control Panel

To Create a StartSSL Certificate   In this article Hostripples will give you how you can easily Create a StartSSL  Certificate on StartSSL Control Panel. Follow the steps and create a StartSSL Certificate. Step 1 : Login to the StartSSL Control Panel. Step 2 : Select the Validations Wizard tab. Step 3 : Select Domain Name. Step 4 : Click […]