Commands to Manage Adaptech RAID controller

Below are the commands throguh we can manage Adaptech on the fly. RAID verifying/Rebuilding is important. Basic command line options to mange the hardware raid are as below,

AD : Adapter information only
LD : Logical device information only
LD# : Optionally display information about the specified logical device
PD : Physical device information only
AL : All information (optional)

New Adaptech RAID commands:

arcconf GETCONFIG 1 AD
arcconf GETCONFIG 1 LD
arcconf GETCONFIG 1 PD
arcconf GETCONFIG 1 AL
arcconf GETCONFIG 1 AL

Commands to Manage Adaptech RAID controller, Hostripples Web Hosting

1. To check rebuilding status

arcconf getconfig 1 al | grep Rebuilding

2. To set rebuilding priority :

arcconf setpriority 1 100 low

Usage: SETPRIORITY <Controller#> [Task ID#] <New Priority> [current]

Change a logical device current task execution priority.
Change a controller’s global background task priority.

Task ID# : Optional Task ID number to be changed. Can be found using GETSTATUS.
omit to set global task execution priority.

New Priority : The new priority ; LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH

3. First to chek BBU is enabeld or not

arcconf GETCONFIG 1

4. To enable write cache on logical drive 0


5. To enable write cache on logical drive 1


6. To check the status.

arcconf GETCONFIG 1

7. To enable write cache witn BBU support

arcconf setcache 1 logicaldrive 0 wbb

8. To check rebuilding status

arcconf getstatus 1


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