5 Tools to Measure Twitter Hashtag Performances

This world of social media has introduced countless trends. Some trends were short lived, some have made a strong impact and are here to stay – Hashtags being one of them. Twitter being the pioneer of hashtags, today many social media sites use hashtags. If used correctly, hashtags are great to make your brand familiar with the audiences.

Wondering which hashtags resonate best with your target audience?

Choosing the right tool to analyze Twitter hashtag performance makes it easier to achieve your goals.


In this article, you’ll find five tools to analyze the performance of your Twitter hashtags.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a popular social media management tool that offers powerful reporting for Twitter. The Twitter report for trends includes a simple but thorough hashtag analysis. It measures the hashtags that are most frequently used by you and the hashtags that gather the most engagement. It helps in tracking the progress if you are experimenting with new hashtags on Twitter. If you see any of your hashtag at the top of both lists, it clearly indicates that that particular hashtag is working for you. If it’s only in the left column, it’s not.


This analysis is valuable if you’re building a Twitter community. If you have created a branded hashtag, and it appears in the right-hand column of the report, you know your efforts are impressive. The higher the hashtag climbs on the engaged hashtag list, the more your community is growing.

Tracking your engagement over time is one of the ways you can measure how your Twitter activities are being received by the audiences. Sprout Social packages start at $99/month for complete social media management and they do provide 30-day free trials.

Hashtagify is one of the finest and favored tools to kick off your search for relevant hashtags. It not only helps you to find particular hashtags and tweets about them but also helps to get relevant hashtags for the hashtags you might have searched for. Hashtagify also helps you to find top influencers for each hashtag.




The revenue model is based on a Freemium model and you have to pay for access to more of their services. Hashtagify packages start from $9.99/month.


Twubs is another one of those best Twitter Hashtag tools out there. Twubs also features an auto-complete in their search toolbar that gives you more suggestions on the go as you type in, just like the search bar of search engines. Here, you also get an option to register your own hashtag with Twubs and have a personal landing page for the same. Also, you could initiate chat sessions with your audience from there.


Apart from giving information about a hashtag, Twubs also acts as a Hashtag directory and Registry.


Tagboard is often referred as ‘The Pinterest of Hashtags’. This is so because, much like Pinterest after you search for a hashtag, you are taken to a beautiful board, with updates from a wide range of networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.

You not only track popular hashtags about the current happenings across these platforms but can also create your own hashtag to monitor.  You can also filter out conversations from networks that you’re not interested in.


In short, Tagboard offers you an easy-on-the-eye yet powerful system to record what’s most important to you.

Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is an incredible tool to help you evaluate a twitter hashtag and see who all are engaged in the conversation, who is the most influential, what links are shared where, etc. Similar to the word Hashtag itself, binder means to group similar things and conversations.

Tweet Binder also shows the people who were most active for a hashtag and whose tweets got the most reach. You can also filter out the conversations to learn more about links shared, retweets and images.


The Twitter plan at Tweet Binder starts at $165, and you can also opt for Twitter + Instagram packages.

It all started with Twitter hashtags, and now it is everywhere – from Facebook to Google+ to Instagram to Pinterest and LinkedIn. If you are using the right tools, tracking hashtags are easier while managing and maintaining social media campaigns.

The tools above help you launch or generate, track and analyze hashtags. You can track what’s working and what’s not, how big your reach is and even where do you lie compared to your competitors. Knowing how to use these tools effectively is every social media marketer’s job, so you need to be measuring hashtag performance.

What are your views? Do you use any other tools for assessing the hashtag performance to add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.