WordPress Website Suddenly started to show the Blank Page!

, WordPress Website Suddenly started to show the Blank Page!, Hostripples Web Hosting

Its quite happen multiple times on the shared hosting that website suddenly start showing the blank page and its all due to php memory limit set for the accounts at the server side and users needs to contact to their webhost or some times its happen due to new plugin or theme installation which had installed recently. So for this, we need to check error_log file. In error log file, we will get exact cause of this issue and as per error_log we need to resolve the issue:

Webhost will make the changes with the values of php memory under php.ini file

memory_limit = 64M

Also if its plugin or theme related error then you simply need to move the theme or plugin from the file manager or at the server side with respect to resolve the issue and then can debug it.


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