WordPress Hosting: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting

When we are talking about Hosting, it is a kind of analogy similar to a Building or Apartment. So anyone may ask questions like, What kind of Building? How many people live there? Is it a small or large Building? Thus considering Building as an analogy today we are going to discuss WordPress hosting on various hosting platforms like Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed Hosting.

Let’s first discuss Shared WordPress Hosting:-

Shared Hosting is like a large apartment where there are many shared resources like Hot water, Parking etc. Therefore it is possible for one or maybe even more people to use up all the hot water on a busy morning and the rest of the apartment may don’t have any water left. It may also happen that someone’s friends may come up and park their vehicles in the parking and thus fill up the parking lot. It may also be possible that the building gets overcrowded.

This is true of Shared Hosting. With Shared Hosting everybody uses the same hard drive and there are partitions, therefore, there are permissions. You cannot walk right into your neighbors’ website or apartment.

shared hosting

It is one still a big problem if one person uploaded a large number of videos then it will fill up the hard drive and no one else can use it. Sometimes Shared host may put up many websites on one machine when that happens all of the websites run slow and it could be difficult. This is also a least expensive type of web hosting and when you first put up your website for the first time then it may be the best option. It is very inexpensive and it is easy to put up. It helps you to get your website out there to other people to see it however when traffic goes up and you start up losing more and more resources, it is time to get a nicer place.

Now, let’s discuss

VPS or Virtual Private Server:-

A building which is similar to the apartment but there are far few tenants or people in the building and each apartment gets its own resources is a similar analogy which can be used for VPS or Virtual Private Server.

A Virtual Private Server is like a small, expensive apartment complex. It is still a Shared Building but you have reserved resources like a private Parking Garage. When it comes to web servers you get your own server resources like your own hard drive space and server power. It is not possible for your neighbor on the same machine to fill up all your hard drive space and it is also not possible for your neighbor to get so popular that it stops the server and also brings down your site.

vps hosting

The most important advantage of VPS server is that your site will always stay up no matter what your neighbor does. A VPS is a next step logically from shared hosting. It’s a little bit more expensive but it is a lot reliable. At the same time, it is not very expensive like getting your own home where you can do anything.

A Dedicated Server Hosting:-
A Dedicated server is like owning your own home. It is completely custom. With every other kind of hosting, we talked about the host builds a computer for you and it gives you space. A dedicated server is where an engineer builds a hardware as per your specification based on your custom needs and then installs the software to meet your specific needs and no one else’s.
A dedicated server might need special resources like in your own home you may need an elevator. You may need a special kind of electricity or sink in your closet, who knows it doesn’t matter, it’s your space, you can do anything with your space. Because of this, it is the most expensive hosting. It is also the most secure type of hosting with which no one can have an access to your space, only you have an access. Not like shared or VPS where other people are actually accessing the machine. But when you have a dedicated server of your own then only you have access to your machine.

dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated server is mostly for those websites who get a lot and lots of traffic because they can be fine-tuned. They can support higher traffic than a VPS and Shared hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting : –
Managed WordPress hosting is like hiring staff to take care of your things. This is available at all levels of hosting and the prices are reflected in that. So if you can manage the WordPress on the Shared Hosting it is much cheaper than managed WordPress hosting on VPS and Dedicated server.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a service it is not a machine or server resources. So imagine if you had a home with an electrician,  gardener or plumber then, in general, it would be very expensive, but with managed WordPress hosting it is not that very expensive to have that expertise available 24*7. Somebody to look after your machine to make sure it’s up, to make sure it’s updated or to make sure everything is taking care of – this is excellent for not having to worry about things. Also the quickest path to getting things done right. No matter what level of hosting you have. If it’s the first time you won’t have to take some time to learn things. If you hire some managed WordPress hosting people, they are experts. They know what they are doing and at the same time, they are going to get it done quickly and in the right way. Thus they just take care of all the problems and brings you a peace of mind.

So here is a quick summary : –

wordpress hosting

  • A Shared WordPress Hosting is the one which is very inexpensive and easy to put up.
  • A VPS WordPress Hosting is like having a small, expensive complex, where you are sharing the complex with your neighbors but you get reserved resources. It is not very expensive but at the same time, it is very reliable.
  • A Dedicated WordPress Hosting is like having an owner of your own castle. It is completely custom made and not like other types of hosting. It is the most expensive hosting.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting is like hiring a team of experts who take care of all your problems quickly and in the right way.

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