What is Google AdSense & Adwords? How Does it Work- Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting

What is Google AdSense & Adwords? How Does it Work- Hostripples

Let’s first look at Google AdWords and Google Network of Content Sites as these two are important terms required while discussing Google Adsense. So let’s start.

AS some of you might know that online advertising platform i.e. Google AdWords is developed by Google. Using this platform advertisers display their advertisements by paying to Google. They also display various offers on services, lists of products, Videos and then can also create applications for mobiles for installing within the Google ad network for the web or internet users.

This Google AdWords system is based on Cookies and also on Keywords determined by the various advertisers. Now with the help of these cookies and keywords, Google decides where to place the ad’s copy on the various pages where Google thinks that it might be related.

When any user clicks on such ads then the advertiser pays some amount to the Google. If that website is partner website then it may receive some portion of this income.

The main source of revenue for Google, the Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing model service is offered by Google Adwords. It includes local, national and international distributions. Now let’s look at the format of text advertisement of Google.

These are generally short they consist of two headlines. These headlines can have Maximum 30 characters each; it also involves description. This description can be up to 80 characters. It also displays URL of max. 40 characters. These ads are sometimes also called as AdWords Expanded Text Ads.

For image ads, the advertisers have to follow the standardized sizes which are defined by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Now from 2016, Google has reformatted these ads which have helped the advertisers for mobile and also this is called as expanded Text Ads which allows 23% more text.

You can see this new format on both Google Search Network and Google Display Network. The change which they have made is that they now allow two headlines with 30 characters each which have replaced the standard of previous single headline with 30 characters.

They have also allowed or replaced the display URL with two 15 character paths, which are not including the root domain. Following are the various features and services of Google Adwords:

  1. Exclusion of IP address:- Using this feature the advertisers can exclude specified IP address ranges if they do not want their ads to appear there.
  1. AdWords Express:- This feature is mainly used for small businesses.
  1. Google Partners:- It is a Google AdWords partner Certification Program.
  1. Placement-targeted advertisements:- With this it is possible for an advertisement to take up an entire advertisement block instead of splitting, the advertising into two or four advertisers.
  1. Keyword Planner:- It is a free tool which helps in providing the data around the search queries on Google.
  1. Remarketing:- It allows marketers to show advertisements to users that have previously visited their website.
  2. Ad Extensions:- Using this feature advertiser can show extra information with their advertisers like an address of the business, contact number or even a link for a web page.

There are manual extensions as well as automated extensions. Now that we have learned briefly about Google network of content sites lets go ahead discuss Google Adsense.

Google AdSense program is run by Google using which Google AdWords related sites or Google network of content sites can display automatic text, image, and video or interactive media advertisements for the specific websites or audience.

These ads are managed by Google. They thus generate revenue on either a per click or per impression basis.

Following are the various types of ads:

  1. Content-based advertisements are used for users who have certain interest or contexts.
  2. It also allows the publisher to display advertisement depending on the search terms on their site. Thus they receive around 51% revenue.
  3. Video content generates revenue using ad placements from Google’s extensive advertising network.
  4. Link Units:- These generally targets the user’s interests.


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What is Google AdSense & Adwords? How Does it Work- Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting
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