What if your Website is not mobile friendly??, Hostripples Web Hosting

What if your Website is not mobile friendly??

Hey! Everyone, we are going to go ahead and get started with today’s topic about website being mobile friendly! Thank you so much for joining me today for the importance of mobile for your business.

If you have any questions as you read along you can ask me. Go to comment section down below and mention it there. So why are we here? As mentioned by SISTRIX. com last year Google has announced under Accelerated Mobile Pages update is that it’s going to be penalizing non-mobile websites in the search results.

What if your Website is not mobile friendly??, Hostripples Web Hosting

Google has also cleared that in this update that for the individual web pages being noticed of should increase their mobile friendliness. It will affect only the mobile search results by Google, which we see at the time of search requests using a smart phone. But it will not affect the desktop search results by the Google in any way.

So here we have a statement regarding the announcement: They said that starting Apr.21 we will be expanding our user mobile phone friendliness as a networking signal. This change will affect mobile searcher in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

So what is this means? This means that starting Apr.21 Google is going to start using the mobile friendliness of your website as an indication if your site is relevant and if it’s worthy to be seen high up in their search engine results.

Here we have another quote of about the update, this is a verdict from webmaster world and according to them as of Apr.21 if your site doesn’t pass Google’s mobile Friendliness, it may lose visibility on mobile search results. This news is on its own is bad news that means uncertainty.

So what is this mean? This means that no matter people are using their home desktop computer, regular old computer or if they are using a mobile phone or a tablet or anything it might not matter. Your website might be penalizing if any search results that people are using to find as like yours in your area.

So you have got little idea about Google friendliness tools and now we are going to show you what that is? So how you know if you already have a mobile friendly website?

So there is a website where you can go and click on it and tell you. So we are on Google mobile friendly testing tool. You can go and put any web page you want here to find out if it’s mobile friendly. So just start with your website and enter the URL and analyze it and see if it’s mobile friendly?

Answer in our case is mobile friendly. So then you can also see a quick web shot up right there and also how a Google sees this page. So if someone is searching for your website on its desktop and you do have a mobile this is what is going to show up. It will normally show up how it always looks with your phone navigation or with your phone edges and all its different features. However if they are searching for your business items mobile site then this is how it is going to show up, right here!

You can see that it is little different than how it shows up if you are looking on a desktop browser.

So why should you make a website that is mobile friendly?

Well! Thankfully, Google has a way to explain this as well! So they have handy little graphics which we are going to go through.

So assume you are seeing just a dummy of some sites for example www.example123 .com and www.xyz .com. If you see them on the desktop then you will see it has navigation, looks just like any sort of web page. This is how it would look on a normal computer. Here it’s now how many Reponses to this site or just regular or mobile friendly sites would look.

Suppose the www.example123 .com site is a just kind of a slim down version and it’s kind of shrunk down and make sure that its stay on the mobile, as you are seeing the site on mobile. So this is a site which is not a mobile optimized because it still has to zoom in order to read its content. Also there is really super small content here. So you need to zoom that. Now consider that you are viewing another website i.e. www.xyz .com. and you can click any of these links over there, so this is a completely mobile optimized and this is what we just called mobile friendly.

What if your Website is not mobile friendly??, Hostripples Web Hosting

Now if you go over to the second website image, you will find this is a completely mobile – optimized site. You can see that it looks different than the first website. You still have the same look having same colors, sometimes you still have a link up here, a logo but you can see the text right below it and it is much more readable. You can read it without zooming it. We can read the links right there.

Without zooming it is very easy. A lot of these links right here might be clicked to call, click to email, click to learn, more about our services anything like that. It just makes it really easy for a user who is searching for a website to go on into finding information that they are looking for a really quickly without having to scroll along the slider panel and zooming. So this is the new standard that Google is using in its update.

They want all of the websites mobile optimized sites to look like this. They don’t want it to look like the first website, because it is tiny, not mobile friendly and it shrinks down on your mobile and all other sites actually looks like this. All other sites without mobile look like somewhat different than the one we were talking about just now.

But all mobile sites are going to have to look like the second website for the new Google mobile standard. If you scroll down, Google has a couple of facts that I found important. Basically in USA 94% of people uses smart phones, to search for local information on their phones and that’s really interesting.

What if your Website is not mobile friendly??, Hostripples Web Hosting

They want people in other area to search for their services. So if your business is in Florida, you want people in Michigan to be searching and finding your business. You want people in Florida to be finding your business. 94% of those people who use smart phones search for a local information that’s huge, that’s almost everybody who is looking for something in their area, as using their phones and you don’t want your website to look like the previous website which we talked about i.e. www.example123 .com. And it takes them 5 minutes to find something that’s they are looking for.

You want something like this where just they can look at what they want and where they find their information, where they click to call, how they get information by using services. This is the user experience right, here that is what everybody wants to see when they are searching for you.

Also down here Google says interestingly 77% of mobile searches across home and work places were desktop computer is likely to be present. So even if people are at home or even if they are working, smart phones have made it easier to pick up and quickly Google Information or services that you are looking for.

So the majority of people are using smart phones to look for businesses and for services like yours.

In the last update of Google they have introduced this mobile friendly pack. This is what Google introduced it some months ago in their last update. So it differentiates users who are mobile friendly and which aren’t. They are rating the websites which are mobile friendly in their search results.

What would your mobile site look like? Here are a couple of examples of business sites like yours, so you can see logos, images on them, there is a place for video and that’s on your home page and it makes it just super easy for people to see your website to find information and contact you, which is really the goal and you want your customers who are easily able to find you, see your information and order for service and contact you.

You can see click to call button, customer service so literally they just have to click on your website and press one thing and should show results to you. It makes really easy for your customers to find you and find information, call you immediately. Lot of our customers had a really great start with this.

You will get traffic to a fully mobile – optimized website, with the call me button. This shows the number of people going onto your website, scrolling pages and finding the required information all these visitors are shown here. If you have a click to call button then they will definitely call you and place order and can get converted into customers.

So it is important to have a totally mobile optimized, easy to scroll, no need to zoom and people can see what they are looking out for, and thus the customers, who visit your web sites and search for your information and start using your business using various buttons.

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What if your Website is not mobile friendly??, Hostripples Web Hosting
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