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Web Hosting Add-Ons For Improving The Performance of Your Website

When you are an owner of an online business, you will have to compete with millions of other websites and if you fail in this competition, then it will create a huge impact on traffic, customer conversion rate and ultimately on your revenue. Selecting proper Web Hosting Add-Ons For Your Website will improve your online Presence.

In my previous article, I have discussed how the loading speed of your website plays an important role in improving traffic, conversion rate, and revenue. Therefore, having a website with excellent performance is very important. As studies have proved that people expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds otherwise they will abandon your website and move towards your competitors’ website.

Therefore, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the most widely used web hosting add-ons that will help you in improving the performance of your website.

Content Delivery Network Services:

Content Delivery Network Services are abbreviated as CDN, which is a group of servers that are distributed geographically in all over the world. This service is very useful for websites that get heavy traffic and which contains a large number of graphics or videos, but these websites are lacking to increase their page loading speed. CDN services are useful in delivering information like images, CSS, Libraries or files as soon as possible to the users from their nearest data center. 

In other words, we can say that, when any user is browsing your website, CDN service selects the nearest server for delivering the content present on that website. This guarantees smooth web page loading as well as improved UX.

When you enable CDN service on your website, CDN copies all your static content and forwards it to geographically distributed servers and thus the website load is distributed between them. Its result is that the availability of your website increases largely. 

Malware Scanners :

Malware is a common problem with most widely used CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. also several new virus descriptions are distributed all over the web and the antivirus has to recognize them and fix them. 

This malware can entirely harm your website’s security or it may delete important data. Therefore it is necessary to install good quality antivirus software for detecting and fixing the bugs or viruses before they compromise your entire website.

Many web hosting providers use malware scanners on their servers, which scans the complete home directory of your website, detects the malicious data and fixes it. You can use other security measures like SSL Certificates, SiteLock, etc. This software scans your website at regular time intervals and sends notifications to you if they detect any malware.

There are other tools like Web Application Firewall (WAF) that monitors websites continuously and detects the most popular threats like SQL Injections, or Cross Scripting (XSS), etc.

Move to SSD Hosting:

SSD Hosting is not considered as a web hosting add-on, but it is certainly a web hosting upgrade. SSD stands for Solid State Drive and nowadays it is most commonly used as a storage device where speed is the main concern.

The traditional HDDs contain moving parts like mechanical read and write devices for storing information, on the contrary to traditional HDDs, SSDs does not contain any mechanical parts or moving parts for dealing with data, but they are fully electronic. In SSD, information is just electronically written to the storage space at the same time the information can be retrieved from SSD. Thus, SSDs are more useful, faster as well as more reliable as compared to traditional HDDs.

A barometer called IOPS is used for measuring the speed of HDD. The speed of hard drive can be described as the speed at which data or information is written to or read from the hard drive. If the IOPS is high, then that hard drive is fast. The speed of hard drives like SATA is around 180 IOPS, on the other hand, the speed of SSD is between 4,600 and 15,500 based on the capacity of the disk.

Web hosts like Hostripples, provide the highest performance, fast database support, Free SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt), Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Email Accounts, etc. which certainly can be considered as the best solution for attracting more traffic, generating more sales and ultimately earn more revenue. If you have already selected a hosting package that provides traditional HDD then I would like to suggest you upgrade it to SSD Hosting, because then you will see an immediate improvement in the performance of your website.

Backup Services:

Taking backups is important for the websites because if your website gets hacked then the first thing that you will have to do is to upload your previously backed up and clean data. But imagine if you do not have the latest backup of your website, then it will be a huge loss for you and your business. Thus, if you always keep a clean backup i.e. free from any type of malware, of your website, at your hand, then restoring it will be easy and simple.

You can take the help of automatic backup services which takes regular backups of your data and you can easily restore such data. You can also use paid backup services where your data is stored on a secure server so that if your website gets hacked, then you can easily restore it.

SSL Certificates:

While browsing any website, visitors are looking for a small green padlock symbol in the address bar. This is how they come to know that the website is secure for browsing. Therefore, selecting a web hosting plan which provides an SSL certificate will be the best choice for every website owner. Hostripples web hosting service offers four types of SSL certificates for securing your websites and giving peace of mind to your visitors- Positive SSL, Essential SSL, WildCard SSL, and EV SSL, starting from just $30/year.

Web Hosting Add-Ons For Improving The Performance of Your Website, Hostripples Web Hosting


If your website is facing slowing down issue, then I would recommend you to use any of these add-ons or if you are looking for a best web hosting package, then I would like to recommend you to select a package which contains any of these add-ons. I hope you try these add-ons today! 

Thank you for reading this article. Please do not forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Web Hosting Add-Ons For Improving The Performance of Your Website, Hostripples Web Hosting
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