Very common wordpress related issues

Very common wordpress related issues

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Today we will discuss some of the most common problem occurred in WordPress


Problem 1 :- Lost Admin password & Email Retrieval Is Not Functioning

The problem:
You have lost your password to WordPress Admin Panel , you have also tried username or email address in the “Lost your password?” page but not receiving link to reset password via an email.

Solution : Here is the simple solution to reset your WordPress Admin password. For this you need an access to the cPanel of your website.

1.1 Login cPanel, click on phpMyAdmin under Databases. (Contact your Web Host in case you do not have cPanel login details).


1.2. Select your WordPress database. For example: Username_wrdp1.
1.3. Go to wp_users, click on Browse.


1.4. Look for your Username and click Edit.


1.5. Reset your password by inserting a new value into user_pass. Remember, it is case-sensitive. Make sure you click the dropdown menu under Function, and choose MD5 from the menu. This converts your password to MD5 string and get it reset.



1.6. At the bottom of the page, click the Go button

Whoo!! You are done here, you have successfully reset your WordPress Admin Panel password.


Problem 2 :- Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by

You may face this error message “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34)” right after upgrading your WordPress or a new WordPress installation.

Solution : You need to remove extra blank spaces , new lines or extra stuff from the wp-config.php

2.1. Download wp-config.php via FTP.
2.2. Open wp-config.php.
2.3. Remove all spaces before <?php.
2.4. Make sure the first characters are <?php, placed at the first line with no space in between.
2.5. Remove all spaces after ?>
2.6. Make sure the last characters of the file is ?>, placed at the last line with no space in between.

Same error can occur with other files too, you need to read error message carefully where is specifically says the files name having this problem


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