Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?

The largest Content Management System in the world today is none other than “WordPress” and at the same time the demand for WordPress designer and developers is at the top. The IT organizations and the online business owners are adopting WordPress because it is free and open source operating system. Therefore WordPress has boosted the number of WordPress Development companies in the worldwide market.

The top WordPress design and development companies has started to focus more on enhancing their WordPress development skills by acquiring deep knowledge of the how to use the WordPress themes in the best way or which are the different advanced Plugins offered by them and thus using this knowledge for designing a best website.

But it is quiet tough job to find out such a WordPress Design and Development company. Therefore we have created a list of Top WordPress Design and Development companies selected from across the globe. If you are in search of right WordPress design and Development Company then we guarantee you that below list will definitely help you.

  1. Elegant Themes:-

Elegant Themes hold elegance at their core and their team is passionate for simple, beautiful design. It has now grown into a diverse and distributed team of WordPress lovers from all over the world. It has community centric values and these values have guided them over past 10 years. They are enthusiastic for open source, WordPress and they also love developing great things for their customers.

I would like to take you through their top 2 popular themes:

I. Divi:

This is a most versatile theme with the help of which you can build just anything. It is also the best theme which they have ever built. This theme comes with 20 Pre-made layouts. In just a few minutes you can build new pages with the help of these layouts. The new customers can learn the ins and outs of the Divi Builder.

You can save these Divi layouts for later and then you can load them instantly on any new page. Thus you can build up your own Divi library containing your favorite layouts. It will be like having hundreds of themes in one place!

You can also export and import a new layout for new websites with the help of Divi Builder. It is fast and incredible front end editor. It will also change the way in which you build websites forever. Whatever changes you make in your website, everything is updated immediately in front of your eyes. You have to just click on the page and start typing for adding text content. Every element is fully customized, when you update one element it will get updated at all the other places. You can adjust fonts. Colors and sizing as well as you can add CSS.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

II. Extra:

It comes with new set of Divi Builder modules specifically built for the needs of bloggers and online publications. With the help of these new modules you can build different homepage and category layouts. No coding is required and you have complete control over the style and appearance of your website.

CSS can also be added. It is more than a theme. You are not limited to a single static design and also you will have a complete control over the contents of your website. This theme can be tailored to suit your needs.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

2. Themes21:-

M/s. Shri Krishna Technologies started Themes21 for more than 9 years ago. Themes21 is place from where you can download premium FREE WordPress themes which are coded with respect to WordPress Codex standards.

The main percept behind starting Themes21 was to provide the services to the clients who have tiny budget but still want to start their basic WordPress Website. It is one of the top level renowned online themes selling company. They offer splendid themes which are fully featured. So stop haunting for graceful themes because at Themes21 you will be able to find a variety of themes at one place only.

Currently they offer 70+ themes with features like SEO friendly, SMO compatible, Responsive, elegant and professional layout and much more. It doesn’t matter for whom you are designing the website; here you will find pleasant and soft types of themes.

The most important aspect of downloading themes Themes21 is that you will get all themes without spending anything. They have taken care of all important elements required for your business while designing these themes because a website is the heart of any business.

I will take you through their top 3 most downloaded themes for your reference:

I. Bakers Lite:

Especially designed for baker’s shops or business, restaurant, and coffee shops etc. If you try to envision your website using this theme, you will find a very attractive and impressive website. It will make your website as inviting as your cakes. So design your website with this theme and maintain your top position among your competitors. To get more splendid and modern free WordPress themes collection then click on the link

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

II. SKT Meditation:

In today’s world yoga and meditation has become an essential part of everybody’s life for keeping a healthy body and a peaceful mind, so that is the reason numerous meditation and yoga centers are rising in the current market scenario.

If you are a Yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and physiotherapist or if you are an owner of all businesses and websites concerned with the fitness industry then, the Free Meditation Studio WordPress Theme is useful to you. Therefore for making a large number of people aware of your presence on social media this theme will be helpful.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

III. SKT Elastic:

Sometimes the reason behind designing a website is not related to a specific subject or business and such users are looking for a WordPress theme which is flexible i.e. it can be used for many different purposes using which they can create exactly the same website which they want.

For designing such website you can use the Free Elegant WordPress Theme for your website. You would not need to learn PHP or without the help of a developer, you can design it.

You can create any type of elements with the help of shortcodes which are available with this template.

3. OSSMedia:-

Their real calling is in WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla but their key focus in end to end WordPress solutions as well as high performance websites for their clients that helps in proving their presence on the internet. Their developers’ team is customer focused and dynamic and they have provided around 10,000+ projects in past 5+ years!

Their feeling behind the WordPress plugin development services is really fascinating. This team tries hard to make their client’s websites with additional functionalities that a common theme can’t provide.

Their WordPress solutions are compatible with all business models and industries as they provide WordPress CMS development, Plugin development, customizing theme and maintenance services which are supported by high quality technology tools and infrastructure.

They always try to break the monotonies and try to create something that is unique and insightful. They develop user friendly WordPress themes, Plugins as well as extensions which offer advantages like ease of use and search engine friendliness.

Let’s check out some of their themes:

I. Beauty Scout:

If your customers are from Switzerland and if you are an owner of a beauty salon, hairdresser, manicure, wellness or medical studio then using this package you will get the much more than your online presence, visitors will be able to find you quickly and thus you will be able to reach more customers.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

II. Go Coco Drinks:

If you are looking for a theme which will suit your food and drink related website then the “Go Coco Drinks” plugin by OSSMedia is the best option.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

4. WordPrax:-

It is one of the premium Web Development Company located in US offers more than enough of services than other WordPress development companies. They offer services from Theme customization, PSD to WordPress services to WordPress Plugin development etc. which are of unparalleled quality.

The most amazing thing about them is the vision and speculations used by their developers for WordPress Plugin development. Their team believes in going beyond their default boundaries. They have successfully completed around 50,000 projects in last 15 years. The customer’s feedback about them is a excellent site.

WordPrax offers smooth communication as well as trust undoubtedly.

I am sharing with you some of their best Plugins for your reference:

I. Ecommerce Application:

Specifically designed for clients who own an eCommerce website.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

II. Fabrication Solution:

If you are in fabrication business and want a plugin which will fulfill all your requirements then Fabrication Solution is the best choice.

Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting

So always remember before purchasing a WordPress theme, there are many things to be compared so there is no doubt that you are searching for a excellent design, which is also your top most priority, but instead of purchasing the theme in a hurry, you should be aware of the things like the quality of the code, built in features, simplicity of setup, speed of the site, SEO, quality of the technical support and if there is a third party plugin integration then consider that also because all of these elements plays a very important role in buying decision.

There is one most important thing that you need to consider is the “Price”. There are some sort of promotions but do they really honest about it! You can save money by opting for the options like if you need a single theme then you only need a single theme! It’s that’s easy!!

One last thing, I would like to recommend you is that before purchasing the theme, test the demo extensively. Also look out for the extra services which are offered by the seller with the theme and accordingly decide how much you do want to spend.

So best of luck! May this blog help you in releasing your tension of searching an excellent theme!

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Top WordPress Themes and Plugins Development Companies 2019?, Hostripples Web Hosting
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