Script to check NFS mount point

How to check NFS mount point by using the script ?

Ans : If you we have mounted the NFS directory one or  more servers and you want to monitor that mount point then you can use the following method.
1) Check the mount point directoy name, in the following example the mount directory name is NEWFTPFOLDER

[[email protected]]# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
14225776 2419848 11076636 18% /
tmpfs 1960568 0 1960568 0% /dev/shm
/dev/xvda1 487652 70084 391968 16% /boot
/dev/xvdf 206293688 1224268 194583660 1% /home/NEWFTPFOLDER

2) Create one file and add the following code with replaing the mount folder name and email address and save that file.

[[email protected]]# cat /root/
HOSTNM=`hostname -i`
DATE=$(date +"%d-%b-%y %H:%M")
SHORTNAME="FileSystem Mount"
#Checking Filesytem Test
df -k | grep NEWFTPFOLDER
if [ $? == "1" ]
echo $LONGNAME is not running on $HOSTNM please investigate. Sent by myscript $DATE | mail -s "$SHORTNAME is not accessible"
exit 1

3) Set the cron every 30 minutes to check the mount point
[[email protected] cron.daily]# crontab -l
*/30 * * * * sh /root/

After that if the server is rebooted and mount point is not mount then it send the email to your email address.

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