How to Start Reseller Hosting Business

When you are stepping into the hosting business with a reseller account and you don’t have any idea about where and how to start. There are many primary things you should take into consideration before buying a reseller hosting from the hosting provider such as pricing, hosting support, hardware, setup, and facility, etc. Once you find the right hosting provider to start your business and then you purchase the reseller hosting account from them, now the actual things get started such as your business skills, marketing skills, customer service skills, and many more others skill set you require. Making your venture big and better is all in your hands. To make your reseller hosting business successful there are many details that are also required but we are going to see seven most important steps which will help you to get started with your new reseller hosting business. Let’s start.

Getting a Web Hosting Reseller Account:

The first step is to set up a reseller account from the reseller hosting provider. A good reseller account will offer you many features and tools, for example, a control panel to manage multiple domains and accounts from one central location from which you can log in and check the billing and provisioning status of all of your customer accounts, then a guaranteed uptime of server to make sure that your customer’s websites will never go down, then high security, 24X7 support, good pricing and, etc. also, some very useful add-ons get provided by resellers such as Domain Reseller Account for your customers because selling hosting which means people will also purchase domain names from you.

Billing control panel-

A billing control panel allows you to offer automated account creation, keep track of payments, as well as all of your client’s account information. Just because you are purchasing a reseller account does not assume it comes with a billing control panel. Most of the reseller hosting companies use the control panel called, “Cpanel/WHM” this control panel does not come with a billing manager so depending on the reseller company you go with, they may or may not include a billing manager.

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Get yourself a Domain Name:

It is obvious to have a domain name first for your hosting business, but having the proper domain for your web hosting venture is necessary for your success. The main reason for having a proper domain name is Branding and SEO (search engine optimization), to sell the web hosting to your customers, why we need Branding and SEO? Because we need to make sure that they can find you in the first place and then they have to know that you are offering web hosting for sale.

Peoples are always going to find your website through search engines. The biggest search engine currently we have is google then bing and then yahoo. In order to come up with the first few pages of any relevant search for web hosting related keywords, it is important to have a great keyword phrase in your domain name. You can check that by giving a quick search in google with keyword “hosting”. You will notice there are many top results domain that contains the word `host` or `hosting` in the domain name. So choose the word related to “host” or “hosting” will give you the free advantage of ranking. So to buy a domain name you can check on different websites or there is a higher possibility that your hosting provider will also provide you a domain name.

But before buying your dream domain name make a quick research to make sure that the domain name is available and not been registered by anyone. The chances of getting a short and memorable domain name are very low but not zero. If you are creative enough you can make or find your own eye-catchy easy to remember and to pronounce domain name. Also, many great domain names get expired each day, if the current owner has not renewed the domain name by paying the yearly charges or they just lose interest through it. You can check every expired domain from the internet on Also, you can purchase the domain name directly from the owner from auction sites. Here you will get many short, and eye-catchy domain names but you need to pay a little bit more than a normal rate for them.

Build the Website:

To attract the customer as well as to look professional you need a good looking website too. The website needs to be attractive as well as easy to use and understand for your customers. To make that you need to design your website from a professional website developer and designer or you can use a readymade template available by popular websites such as Hiring the designer and developer to make a website can be expensive, but at that cost, you will get a unique website that looks exactly the way you want. On the other hand, if you use the templets to build the website it will save your time with a great professional look and also you save some money during your startup process of business. The choice is yours whichever you decide to go make sure that it is working fine at user end keep it as simple as possible. Make the order form, it’s also simple and easy to fill out. Also include the summary page for the customer to review the order and check your payment gateways are working fine or not.

Get a Traffic to Your Website:

To get the customers you just need to have some traffic to your new website. This is itself a big topic that how to get customers but we will focus on only one possible traffic-driving solution, but one which has proven to work for many small online businesses called Google’s AdWords advertising. There are lots of tutorial available on the internet that how to use Google AdWords you can also check that how does it work from here

As we already know SEO will help to generate the leads for the website. But in the same way google AdWord will help you to get direct customers to the website. It works a little bit better than SEO. There are higher chances that you will get more potential buyers by running the AdWord campaign. The best part of AdWord is you can on and off your campaign at your convenience. It will help you to save lots of money.

Apart from that there are plenty of other ways to get traffic on your websites such as using email marketing, or sponsorship program, or using affiliate marketing or by consistent updates like blog videos, etc. you can try any of them to get traffic on your website. Also, make sure that it is not fake traffic it needs to be potential buyer traffic or genuine traffic which helps to make your business grow.

Keep Uniqueness:

Always remember in an online market you are the not only one who is providing hosting, there are many other hosting providers that are already available in the market for many years, to defeat the competitor you need to be something unique. Make sure that you are different in some notable way from other web hosting out there. You can be different by creating a unique special offer for your customers, such as providing them the discount coupon on their purchases, by having promotional offers, by giving a combo pack service bundle, or try to give some more addon features whichever are not provided by other hosting providers. Just make sure it needs to be different and unique. Try to make your customers feel special.

Bonus tip:

 Last but not the least remember to give a high level of customer service and customer satisfaction, because there are lots of other competitors outside waiting to snatch your customers every time. Give your customers high priority if you want to keep them. If you don’t provide them quality service then your new customers will run away to a more conscientious competitor.


These are the few tips that you can follow when you start your reseller hosting business we wish you good luck in reselling web hosting. If you follow the six steps outlined above, you will be on your way to a great new business venture.

Mayuresh Vaidya

Mayuresh Vaidya is an electronics and telecommunication engineer having an experience in embedded technology he worked on many technologies such as raspberry pi, Arduino, along IOT home automation devices based on Google and Alexa, also he had good interest in emerging technologies such as IOT, digital marketing, and web related technologies such as hacking and securities.