How to Start A Blog in Any Niche with No Technical Experience & (Almost) No Money, Hostripples Web Hosting

How to Start A Blog in Any Niche with No Technical Experience & (Almost) No Money

Starting a blog in any niche with no technical experience and minimal money is possible in 2023. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

First of all, congratulate yourself as you read this post only because you are passionate about something and that “something” is nothing but Blogging, and hence I want to give a treat, so that you can start your blogging journey. The same way I did without paying a single penny. Trust me when I started with the blogging and internet stuff, I had no technical experience of it.

The more you read this more you will understand how to achieve it, all of us know that creating a blog and publishing it needs a domain name which is also known as the website name. And to have a domain name or website name we know that we have to 1st register it which again needs money.

Let me tell you that you can still have your own unique blog-name or website address just like I had in my initial day example : . The reason I am asking you to get this kind of website name is, we don’t pay for it and can start blogging to follow our passion.

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Step 1:  You get your unique name like the above by registering at website and starts using it as your blog name.

Step 2: Keep adding and sharing your knowledge by posting a blog and publishing it over the internet. This will gradually build a good bunch of data that you can showcase to the companies that are looking for good content and website link sharing, which is also known as guest posting.

Step 3: You can start communicating with the companies or website owner to exchange the links or offer them to write the content on their website. You can follow this trick.

Most of the web hosting sites, free blogging sites, and news sites may offer you your domain name along with the hosting space to get your domain name and in return, you have to give them a blog of readable content!

How to Start A Blog in Any Niche with No Technical Experience & (Almost) No Money, Hostripples Web Hosting

Once you crack this deal you are done! Yes, now you will have your own domain name and hosting space where you can import your existing blogs from the WordPress site and migrate the contents to your new domain which might look like this https:// fixwordpresssecurity .com instead of

I have used my blogging network to get such an amazing deal and this deal will give you many ways to start a blog that is explained in the next segment of the article.

Another way of getting a free domain name is looking for a web hosting provider that offers a FREE domain name along with web hosting space, like comes with free domain name included in their hosting package.

Hostripples has WordPress compatible web-hosting spaces that provide a great tool to manage WordPress. With this kind of deal, you’ve to pay for hosting space and you can utilize the domain name for free.

Building a blogging network is a great way to connect with other bloggers, share ideas, and potentially collaborate for mutual growth.

Checkout the steps to build and expand your blogging network:

How to Start A Blog in Any Niche with No Technical Experience & (Almost) No Money, Hostripples Web Hosting

1. Identify Bloggers in Your Niche:

Look for bloggers or companies who share similar interests or operate in the same niche which you’re working. Use social media platforms, blog directories, or search engines to find relevant blogs.

2. Engage on Social Media:

Don’t forgot to connect bloggers on social media platforms and other mediums of communication. Always like, comment, and share their content to engaged new audiences. You can do some live sessions/seminars over social media which will push viewers to come online and eventually increase traffic on social media too. Joining relevant groups and participating in live discussions related to your interest will again help you in some way.

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3. Leave meaning-full Comments:

Engaging with blog posts by leaving insightful comments will always help to gain traffic and views. While doing it, you should also avoid generic comments; and provide value to the thread running or ask questions related to the content.

4. Email Out-Reach:

Reach out to bloggers via email to introduce yourself, where you can ask them to publish guest articles and posts. By expressing genuine interest in their content and propose of collaborations.

5. Participate in Blogger Communities:

Join blogging communities and forums where bloggers share tips and experiences. You can opt for platforms like Reddit, Bloggers Meetup, or niche-specific forums that can be valuable.

6. Attend Networking Events:

You may also attend the blogging conferences, webinars, or meetups which happen online or offline in your local/nearby area. This will help you to network with fellow attendees and speakers.

7. Collaborate on Projects:

When you perform blogging conferences, webinars, or meetups there is a chance that you get the best project for your bright growth such as guest posting, co-authored content, or joint webinars.

This will help to exchange idea and thoughts that will build up a great repo with community and appreciation from the reader of blog.

New collaboration exposes your blog to a new audience that might not belong or directly associate with your blogs.

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8. Create a Resource List:

Compile a list of bloggers in your niche and share it on your blog. Notify those featured, and they might reciprocate by promoting your list.

9. Be Supportive:

Celebrating the success of other bloggers in your network is a powerful way to build positive relationships and contribute to a supportive online community. Here are some effective ways to appreciate community work:

You may do it with:

  • Appreciate your fellow blogger’s success on your social media platforms.
  • Craft a congratulatory post, tag them, and express genuine enthusiasm.
  • Create a blog post acknowledging their achievement.
  • Share the details of their success and why it’s noteworthy.
  • Leave a congratulatory comment on their blog post.
  • Highlight specific aspects of their success that impressed you.
  • Reach out directly through email or private messaging.
  • Offer your congratulations and express your genuine happiness for their achievement.
  • When congratulating them, be specific about what you admire in their achievement.
  • Your sincerity will make your congratulations more meaningful.

Remember, being genuine and supportive you can achieve a lot. Celebrating the success of others not only strengthens your network but also contributes to a positive and collaborative online community.

You should not restrict yourself to helping others and always share your expertise or resources. You can Offer to guest post, provide insights, or collaborate on projects that benefit both parties.

11. Build Relationships Gradually:

Creating a network is a two-way communication and collaboration is the way towards success. By investing in relationships without expecting immediate returns, you create a positive environment for reciprocity. Others are more likely to support you when they see that you’ve been supportive of them.

Networking provides an opportunity to learn new things and share things that add value to the community. By building relationships, you gain insights into different perspectives, strategies, and experiences. Learning from your network contributes to your personal and professional growth.

Blogging networking is not just about transactional benefits; it’s about cultivating meaningful relationships within your community. The mindset of building relationships over time is a sustainable approach that contributes to a thriving and supportive blogging environment.

12. Utilize LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a great platform to communicate with professionals, getting engaged in professional discussions and sharing your blog updates is a good idea.

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13. Create a Blogroll:

Feature other blogs you admire on your blog’s sidebar or dedicated page.  A blogroll is a good aspect of a blog that usually consists of a list of links to other blogs or websites that the blogger recommends or presents as interesting. It allows bloggers to share and promote the work of other bloggers within their community or niche.

14. Stay Consistent:

Keeping yourself regularly engaged with your blogging network will build trust and strengthen your connections. Staying consistent and genuine in your blogging efforts is crucial for building a successful and sustainable online presence. Here’s why these two aspects are essential and some tips on how to maintain them:

By keeping consistency, you can build trust with your community.

You will be more active in front of content feeding and Google Crawlers, which will increase your search engine ranking. It will also increase your audience engagement. When you keep on your quality work you will also build a brand identity. Consistency demonstrates your commitment to your blog and its subject matter. It shows that you take your work and audience seriously.

Tips to Stay Consistent and Genuine:

  • Create a Content Calendar
  • Plan your content in advance to ensure regular posting schedule.
  • Set Realistic Goals.
  • Be realistic about your posting frequency.  
  • Prioritize quality over quantity
  • It’s more important to provide valuable, well-crafted content than to publish frequently without substance.
  • Interact with Your Audience
  • Respond to comments, emails, and social media messages. Actively engage with your audience’s questions and feedback.
  • Be Yourself
  • Don’t try to mimic others. Embrace your unique voice and style.
  • Regularly Assess Your Goals
  • Periodically review your blogging goals and adjust your strategy if needed.
  • Learn and Evolve

Update yourself with industry trends, and be willing to adapt your approach based on what works best for your audience.

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15. Be Genuine:

Authenticity is key in networking. Be genuine in your interactions and collaborations. Building a blogging network takes time and effort, so be patient and focus on building meaningful relationships. As you contribute positively to the community, you’ll likely find that other bloggers are willing to reciprocate and support your blogging journey.

Blogging is the way!

For me, blogging is something I do as a passionate job and a way to serve the community is a mindset that often leads to fulfilling and meaningful experiences in the blogging journey. And that’s why I could say that you can always start a blog In Any Niche with No Technical Experience And (Almost) No Money!

How to Start A Blog in Any Niche with No Technical Experience & (Almost) No Money, Hostripples Web Hosting
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