How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess

Changing Your Default Timezone:

The default time zone setting that is displayed in the Preferences>Global folder is used to localize the time for received messages and calendar activities in the standard web client.

1) Log in to your cPanel

2) Click on the File Manager icon

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess, Hostripples Web Hosting

3) Click on Setings which you will find at the top right corner.

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess, Hostripples Web Hosting

4) Click on the dropdown and Document Root for your domain name.

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess, Hostripples Web Hosting

5) Set the Show Hidden Files

6) Click the Go button

7) Look for the .htaccess file and right-click on it

8) Click on the Edit option

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess, Hostripples Web Hosting

9) Find and click the Edit button in the lower right corner to continue to the editor.

10) Now In this example, we are setting the timezone to Eastern Standard Time.

#Adjust default time zone
SetEnv TZ America/Washington

11) Click Save Changes button to save your new htaccess configuration.


If htaccess can’t solve your problem, add this code to your PHP



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AO Africa/Luanda

AQ Antarctica/McMurdo

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AU Australia/Perth

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BB America/Barbados

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BF Africa/Ouagadougou

BG Europe/Sofia

BH Asia/Bahrain

BI Africa/Bujumbura

BJ Africa/Porto-Novo

BM Atlantic/Bermuda

BN Asia/Brunei

BO America/La_Paz

BR America/Noronha

BR America/Belem

BR America/Fortaleza

BR America/Araguaina

BR America/Maceio

BR America/Sao_Paulo

BR America/Cuiaba

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BR America/Manaus

BR America/Porto_Acre

BS America/Nassau

BT Asia/Thimbu

BW Africa/Gaborone

BY Europe/Minsk

BZ America/Belize

CA America/St_Johns

CA America/Halifax

CA America/Glace_Bay

CA America/Goose_Bay

CA America/Pangnirtung

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CA America/Rainy_River

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CF Africa/Bangui

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HR Europe/Zagreb

HT America/Port-au-Prince

HU Europe/Budapest

ID Asia/Jakarta

ID Asia/Ujung_Pandang

ID Asia/Jayapura

IE Europe/Dublin

IL Asia/Jerusalem

IN Asia/Calcutta

IO Indian/Chagos

IQ Asia/Baghdad

IR Asia/Tehran

IS Atlantic/Reykjavik

IT Europe/Rome

JM America/Jamaica

JO Asia/Amman

JP Asia/Tokyo

KE Africa/Nairobi

KG Asia/Bishkek

KH Asia/Phnom_Penh

KI Pacific/Tarawa

KI Pacific/Enderbury

KI Pacific/Kiritimati

KM Indian/Comoro

KN America/St_Kitts

KP Asia/Pyongyang

KR Asia/Seoul

KW Asia/Kuwait

KY America/Cayman

KZ Asia/Almaty

KZ Asia/Aqtobe

KZ Asia/Aqtau

LA Asia/Vientiane

LB Asia/Beirut

LC America/St_Lucia

LI Europe/Vaduz

LK Asia/Colombo

LR Africa/Monrovia

LS Africa/Maseru

LT Europe/Vilnius

LU Europe/Luxembourg

LV Europe/Riga

LY Africa/Tripoli

MA Africa/Casablanca

MC Europe/Monaco

MD Europe/Chisinau

MG Indian/Antananarivo

MH Pacific/Majuro

MH Pacific/Kwajalein

MK Europe/Skopje

ML Africa/Bamako

ML Africa/Timbuktu

MM Asia/Rangoon

MN Asia/Ulan_Bator

MO Asia/Macao

MP Pacific/Saipan

MQ America/Martinique

MR Africa/Nouakchott

MS America/Montserrat

MT Europe/Malta

MU Indian/Mauritius

MV Indian/Maldives

MW Africa/Blantyre

MX America/Cancun

MX America/Mexico_City

MX America/Mazatlan

MX America/Chihuahua

MX America/Ensenada

MX America/Tijuana

MY Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

MY Asia/Kuching

MZ Africa/Maputo

NA Africa/Windhoek

NC Pacific/Noumea

NE Africa/Niamey

NF Pacific/Norfolk

NG Africa/Lagos

NI America/Managua

NL Europe/Amsterdam

NO Europe/Oslo

NP Asia/Katmandu

NR Pacific/Nauru

NU Pacific/Niue

NZ Pacific/Auckland

NZ Pacific/Chatham

OM Asia/Muscat

PA America/Panama

PE America/Lima

PF Pacific/Tahiti

PF Pacific/Marquesas

PF Pacific/Gambier

PG Pacific/Port_Moresby

PH Asia/Manila

PK Asia/Karachi

PL Europe/Warsaw

PM America/Miquelon

PN Pacific/Pitcairn

PR America/Puerto_Rico

PS Asia/Gaza

PT Europe/Lisbon

PT Atlantic/Madeira

PT Atlantic/Azores

PW Pacific/Palau

PY America/Asuncion

QA Asia/Qatar

RE Indian/Reunion

RO Europe/Bucharest

RU Europe/Kaliningrad

RU Europe/Moscow

RU Europe/Samara

RU Asia/Yekaterinburg

RU Asia/Omsk

RU Asia/Novosibirsk

RU Asia/Krasnoyarsk

RU Asia/Irkutsk

RU Asia/Yakutsk

RU Asia/Vladivostok

RU Asia/Magadan

RU Asia/Kamchatka

RU Asia/Anadyr

RW Africa/Kigali

SA Asia/Riyadh

SB Pacific/Guadalcanal

SC Indian/Mahe

SD Africa/Khartoum

SE Europe/Stockholm

SG Asia/Singapore

SH Atlantic/St_Helena

SI Europe/Ljubljana

SJ Arctic/Longyearbyen

SJ Atlantic/Jan_Mayen

SK Europe/Bratislava

SL Africa/Freetown

SM Europe/San_Marino

SN Africa/Dakar

SO Africa/Mogadishu

SR America/Paramaribo

ST Africa/Sao_Tome

SV America/El_Salvador

SY Asia/Damascus

SZ Africa/Mbabane

TC America/Grand_Turk

TD Africa/Ndjamena

TF Indian/Kerguelen

TG Africa/Lome

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TJ Asia/Dushanbe

TK Pacific/Fakaofo

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TN Africa/Tunis

TO Pacific/Tongatapu

TR Europe/Istanbul

TT America/Port_of_Spain

TV Pacific/Funafuti

TW Asia/Taipei

TZ Africa/Dar_es_Salaam

UA Europe/Kiev

UA Europe/Simferopol

UG Africa/Kampala

UM Pacific/Johnston

UM Pacific/Midway

UM Pacific/Wake

US America/New_York

US America/Detroit

US America/Louisville

US America/Indianapolis

US America/Indiana/Marengo

US America/Indiana/Knox

US America/Indiana/Vevay

US America/Chicago

US America/Menominee

US America/Denver

US America/Boise

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US America/Los_Angeles

US America/Anchorage

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US America/Yakutat

US America/Nome

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US Pacific/Honolulu

UY America/Montevideo

UZ Asia/Samarkand

UZ Asia/Tashkent

VA Europe/Vatican

VC America/St_Vincent

VE America/Caracas

VG America/Tortola

VI America/St_Thomas

VN Asia/Saigon

VU Pacific/Efate

WF Pacific/Wallis

WS Pacific/Apia

YE Asia/Aden

YT Indian/Mayotte

YU Europe/Belgrade

ZA Africa/Johannesburg

ZM Africa/Lusaka

ZW Africa/Harare

How to Change your Default Timezone in htaccess, Hostripples Web Hosting
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