Explanation of Fuchsia Operating System., Hostripples Web Hosting

Explanation of Fuchsia Operating System.

Google is no stranger when it comes to competing with itself whether its hangout, Google Play Music in YouTube, Google Plus in Chromecast, Gmail in inbox or Android in Chrome Operating system. Now the last one is quite intriguing.

Explanation of Fuchsia Operating System., Hostripples Web Hosting

At a time when Google is kind of integrating an Android and Chrome operating system bringing apps on by Google, this is Fuchsia Operating System. We have heard about it back in September but at that time that was not even achieved so why to talk about? But now we got more information about it and in this blog, we are going to discuss that.

So let’s get into it:

So first thing first, what sets Fuchsia apart from Android and Chrome Operating System? Well, it’s not based on Linux; next, it uses Google’s own microkernel or Magenta. Google documentation for Magenta also states it’s for modern phones and modern personal computers with fast processors, Non -familiar amounts of RAM and doing open-ended computation so,

What is that mean?

Well! That leads us to a question Is this might be a competition to Android and maybe even the eventual successor!!!

First let’s talk more about Fuchsia Operating System.

The apps are written using Google’s Flutter SDK. Flutter is a mobile SDK or a Software Development Kit for building apps for both iOS and Android from a single code base.

Flutter apps are written on Dart and are supposed to perform better than ones on an Android those are mostly written in Java. The system user interface in Fuchsia is called Armadillo; it looks to be a series of cards on top that represents apps and Google’s on cards at the bottom these are placed solders where just the visual representation of how it might turn onto these.

You can move the cards around on top of them to launch a full-screen version of the app, add them together to get multi-window function even as many as 4 apps at once might be useful. At the center, you get your profile pick topping on that shows your battery percent, Wi-Fi and cellular information.

You can adjust brightness, the volume, turn on the app on do not disturb or orientation controls kind of things like quick settings if you leave the screen you can see the home – button pop below everywhere else.

Tap anywhere and there you are back to your home screen. With the Google part of the cards tapping on ask me anything, brings up a keyboard this seems to be a custom Fuchsia keyboard with a nice dark theme.

So, why there might be a need for Fuchsia? Why is Google developing an alternative Operating System to the most popular Operating system today – Android?

Well! Whatever I am going to say about is just pure speculation. We see specks being bumped up all the time on Android phones like literally! Just today I shot a video on the new mobile platform, thus the technologies keep us all linked. No matter what, when it comes to the experience of fluidity for a user in a field something like the iOS seems to always be ahead of Android.

Every year we do a speed test to android flagship against iPhone and every year we end up coming short. Now maybe this is a way Google hopes to fix it in the future, looking for more integration at the software level. Maybe recently, anyway another compelling reason might be Operating System updates. Now when Android initially came up to get the manufacturer and then in the United States carriers before ending up on the phone. This has led to a lot of issues throughout the years and now with recent platforms like Android, this is the case Google keeps pushing out the updates.  Thus the control that a manufacturer used to have over the updates has now been gone down a lot. Now as an upcoming Operating system inviting as an option, Google had to make these compromises initially and maybe in a few years whether the Fuchsia is ready then it might not be happening to some compromises.

So think about it, let’s draw a parallel. Even a brand like Samsung initially kept to carrying pressure and so different variants of their phones like SII with skyrocket and what not as carrier excludes, and then they manage to cut out carrier excludes, data still have to go with a carrier loop to go on their phones.

But not that it’s been years or something like Galaxy set, Samsung seems to have created enough demand and be a big enough name to avoid any kind of carrier customization issues.

In the same way the things maybe Google feels. It would be able to appoint manufacturer and carrier and keen influenced Operating System their updates and everything.

Either way, given that the Fuchsia project started somewhere in early 2016 or going by the fact that Android was in the developmental stage for 5 years before reaching to the consumer devices. Maybe 2019 or 2020 is when we would be or we could directly see a phone with a Fuchsia on it.

That’s if it gets crafted. You have seen concepts that we all waited for its craft so hold your breath on this one. That’s it, I am keeping my eyes still on this development and it’s sure will be cool to finally be done saying customization goal with Android for speed, code iOS. I am a kind of just to be able to say just this that the Google product is in its best period, anyway guys that’s it for this quick blog. I found Fuchsia operating System interesting and if you tend to get to read this blog go ahead and read it and please do not forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions or queries.

That’s it for now! Thanks a lot for reading this blog and see you soon with the next blog.

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Explanation of Fuchsia Operating System., Hostripples Web Hosting
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