How To Enable mod_deflate in CentOS Web Panel

How To Enable mod_deflate {gzip compression} Apache module in CentOS Web Panel {CWP}

mod_deflate is use to compress the data before sending it to client end. It is an apache module which is useful in order to save the bandwidth as it compresses the data.

By default mod_deflate {gzip compression} is disable in CenOS Web Panel. So in order to enable it from server end, kindly refer following steps.

Login to your CentOS Web Panel { CWP} Navigate apache configuration file which is present under Apache Settings options present to the left had side of CentOS WebPanel.

Login to CWP >>> Apache Settings >>> Apache Configuration.


Login to your Server using any SSH client like Putty and open following file.

vi /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf

And search for following line.

# LoadModule deflate_module modules/

Now un-commencement the line { remove the hash sign {#} }. Save the file and restart the Apache service.

service httpd restart

That’s it, mod_deflate module is enabled now in your CWP server.