Configure CNAME and MX records for Google Apps in cpanel server

How to configure Google Apps in cpanel server ?
How Configuring DNS CNAME and MX records for Google Apps in cpanel server ?

Ans :

Google Apps is a suite of Google applications that brings together essential services to help your business. This is a hosted service that lets businesses, schools, and institutions use a variety of Google products — including Email, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Talk — on a unique domain (e.g.,

For example , if you own the domain and you sign up for Google Apps services, everyone at your organization will get:

* A custom email address (
* Tools for word processing
* Spreadsheets and presentations
* A shared calendaring system
* Tools for creating web pages and sites for your business
* Access to a flexible intranet system
* And much, much more!

DNS settings for Google Apps:

1) Set the following MX record for your domain .   IN      MX      10   IN      MX      20   IN      MX      5   IN      MX      10   IN      MX      10   IN      MX      10

2) Then set the CNAME record for your

Replace  mail entry from

mail    IN    CNAME


mail    IN    CNAME

Once everything is setup correctly it will take around 2-24 hours to propagate the DNS changes and after that you should be able to access your Emails using the link  :

Note : Do replace your actual domain with


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