Common Beginner WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

35 Common WordPress mistakes to avoid in 2015

WordPress mistakes, Common Beginner WordPress Mistakes to Avoid, Hostripples Web Hosting

 1)  Not using any SEO plugin
2) Using an inappropriate or defective theme/plugins
3) Checking website traffic stats every minute
4)  Forgetting to create backup
5)  Not building an email list
6)  Changing URL’s while reviving old posts
7)  Ignoring basic pages
8)  Choosing the wrong platform
9)  Forgetting to change the default admin username
10) Staying with the default tagline “just another blog”
11) Using the default favicon
12) Complicated categories & tags
13) Using the default permalink structure
14) Not having a contact form
15) Forgetting to install a caching plug-in
16) Ignoring WordPress updates
17) Not using Google Analytic
18) Making life difficult for mobile users
19) Ignoring gravatar & Google authorship markup
20) Ignoring image optimization21) Buying More Than What You Need
21) Not Having a Lead Capture
22) Ignoring SEO
23) Missing Important Plugins
24) Not Using a CDN
25) Huge Images
26) Ignoring Image SEO
27) Publishing Incomplete Pages
28) Testing New Products on a Live Site
29) Using Cheap Web Hosting
30) Using Only One Server
31) Not Integrating Webmaster Tools
32) Being Faceless
33) Using the cPanel File Manager for FTP transfers
34) Overloading with Information
35) Passing on Blog Authoring Tools


Common Beginner WordPress Mistakes to Avoid, Hostripples Web Hosting
Vishwajit Kale
Vishwajit Kale blazed onto the digital marketing scene back in 2015 and is the digital marketing strategist of Hostripples, a company that aims to provide affordable web hosting solutions. Vishwajit is experienced in digital and content marketing along with SEO. He's fond of writing technology blogs, traveling and reading.
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