Check cPanel Licence Verification

How to check cPanel Licence Verification? 

To verify the licence of the cPanel

 open this link

If the licence is valid then login as root to the server and run the following to refresh the license.

# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

If this command errors or you do not see the server contacting cPanel license servers to verify your license, please check that your server is able to contact servers via port 80 (so, check your firewall’s OUTPUT options) and that you have a proper hostname set on your server. cPanel makes the connection to one of the cPanel licensing servers through port 2089. So we should make sure that this port is open.

Telnetting to cPanel License Server

 cPanel Licence, Check cPanel Licence Verification, Hostripples Web Hosting
Some times on running the cpkeyclt command,

Invalid License error for cPanel” : Some times you may got error like this, The first step to solve this is a license verification check by using the above mentioned link.

Error : "Invalid License error for cPanel"
A successful cPanel license verification will display an output as below

Successful Licensing
cPanel Licence, Check cPanel Licence Verification, Hostripples Web Hosting


The below given are some status codes returned when verifying licence


  1. License is expired
  2. License is suspended
  3. hostname must be a FQDN
  4. Machine does not qualify for VPS license


  1. License is inactive
  2. License is invalid
  3. License version you are requesting is too old-Update cPanel
  1. License has been activated too many times on different machines. Contact Billing for resolution to this!

Check cPanel Licence Verification, Hostripples Web Hosting
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