Change Kloxo admin password from command line

How to change Kloxo admin password from command line?


Fowolling Method use those scripts to reset the password

 Method I

1)  SSH to server as root

2)  Execute the script

/script/resetpassword master NewPassword 

3)  Restart Kloxo

/etc/init.d/kloxo restart

Note: Please don’t forget to restart the Kloxo daemon after reseting the Admin password.

Method II

1)  SSH to server as root

2)  Execute the script

/script/update --class=client  --name=admin  --subaction=password  --v-password=NewPassword 

3)  Restart Kloxo

/etc/init.d/kloxo restart

Change Kloxo admin password from command line, Hostripples Web Hosting
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