Beginners Guide: Top 12 Common Website Errors that can be learned

Website is the ultimate medium of communication on the web that connects buyers and sellers with each other. Likewise, the website also consists of various errors that disturb the working of the website. If you’re a tech-savvy person or website developer then you must be concerned about website errors. Hence, managing a website is one […]

Some Common and Handpick WordPress Errors & Their Solutions

Error 1: 1) Internal Server Error The internal server error is the most common problem for WordPress website users and it is also called “500 Internal Server Error” which means there is an issue or temporary glitch in the website’s programming. But the question is, why are we facing this problem? Here is the reason […]

Explained: Login Error to Email Address Via Webmail

Webmail is one of the popular emailing platforms that is used widely by professionals. Webmail software consists of two open-source webmail software: Roundcube and SquirrelMail. Additionally, Roundcube also implies with various database types like “MySQL” or “SQLite” If you’ve landed on the article then, it means you must be using webmail and have got this […]