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What is Magento Hosting? Know More – Hostripples

Magento is a high-performance e-commerce platform. It is an Open Source e-commerce platform based on PHP, Zend, and MySQL. Magento allows interfacing with multiple applications and is reckoned as a user-friendly and flexible platform.

It boosts the visibility of products – Magento facilitates enhanced visibility of products through a smart display and is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms that integrate power-packed performance with user-friendly features.

It helps to achieve higher page ranking – By leveraging a powerful SEO engine offered by Magento, users can precisely identify customers preferences and design appropriate promotional themes. Magento also offers easy payment options and helps exercise remarkable control of inventory. With Magento to support your SEO, it is easy to achieve higher SERPs.

Ease of Sales Promotions- Magento helps compute area and customer specific calculations and provides a built-in CMS for blog posts, landing pages, announcements, and pages.

Users can easily configure product-  Groups and variations in addition to comprehensive inventory management tools with RSS alerts.

Manage multiple sites and Workloads- Magento supports display of relevant products as well as cross-promotional offers. Customers can view volume discounts and pricing in addition to multiple shipping options including free shipping.

Magento offers HTML meta-data for content pages, categories, products by producing a single login for managing multiple sites.

Choice of Premium Version- Magento also ensures multilayered navigation with product categories and search results. Magento platform is offered as a standalone Open Source community edition as well as a Premium Enterprise Version.

Easy to Integrate- Magento helps users understand customer preferences and choose appropriate promotional themes with its SEO functionalities.

Magento can be integrated easily and even facilitates flawless customization of an e-Commerce website.

As discussed earlier Magento is an e-commerce platform built on Open Source technology allowing customization of functionalities on large scale, offering powerful and flexible features in catalogue management, content, SEO and functionality any retailer would come to expect.

Let’s discuss all these features in detail

E-commerce Platform: Built specifically with the intention to sell goods and services online.

Open source: You are free to adopt and develop Magento to fit the need of your business.

Scalable: Magento can support a high volume of product and customer data. It can handle lots of page views and interactions.

Catalogue Management: Organize products in the categories, structure your categories, control search results, Manage stack control etc.

Can edit the content on the site: Create text, insert images, can create landing pages, create category etc.

It is SEO ready that means it supports Search Engine: Easily change the selected function that allows you to keep search engines happy. Support sitemaps.

Is Magento a popular choice?

Yes, it is – if you look at the Alexa – which is a company that provides commercial Web traffic data and analytics.

 Is Magento right for you?

If you are not tech savvy, but if you are willing to spend the time to learn the software that can handle the growth of your business and also provides you with a peace of mind by knowing that your software is stable. Also if you want Magento to work with another software packages like shipping companies and security and PCI compliance is important to you then Magento is a right choice for you.

Let’s look at the front end and back end of Magento:

Front End:  It is what your visitor’s see when they log onto your website.

Back End: It is what you see when you log into your website.

On the website you can see 3 sections:

Top:- It is the header. It will contain links, welcome message, Company logo, links to your account and shopping cart, Search functionality and links to the other parts of the website like landing pages etc.

Footer:- It will show contact us, quick links, account, newsletter etc.

Anything in between these two is the content on your WebPages.

Backend: When you log in to your site, you will see any of your sound statistics, sales orders etc.

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What is Magento Hosting? Know More – Hostripples, Hostripples Web Hosting
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