Different types of Firewall

Types of Firewalls? Three Different Types of Firewall

Today we are going to understand different types of firewalls and decide which firewall will be best. As the usage of the internet is growing day by day the illegal activities have also been grown tremendously, FBI has also admitted that they have recorded a 300% increase in the number of cybercrimes, from about 1,000 […]

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How to identify and Prevent Common Security Threats to Your Website

It’s good to see when our website is thriving and we have satisfied customers, overall it’s good to see how our brand has become memorable and generating revenue!! Because we have spent a lot of time writing, designing and marketing our website, right? But what will happen if we lose all our hard work? Or […]

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Why shared Cpanel server security is major concern?

We all are having good awareness of server security. Its on going process and we have to harden it as much as we can. For that, we install cloudlinux, Maldet/ClamAV antivirus, CSF, CpHulk. We configure software and hardware firewall on the cPanel server. We try to update the OS and other thrid party applications. There […]

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