Last Update of 2019 | New Google Algorithm Update BERT- For 70 Different Languages!

Google has authoritatively declared out the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) in Google Search around over 70 different languages. Prior in October, Google turned out BERT, endorsing it as the most recent and most dependable language handling Algorithm. The BERT has its roots from the Transformers venture attempted by Google engineers. At the time […]

How to Update WordPress With Single Click and Manual Method??

It is known that WordPress is an awesome Content Management System and is continuously growing in popularity. But still, it is not completely perfect. See, all the website developers have different requirements and WordPress sometimes cannot fulfill all of those requirements. Therefore to help you in that, WordPress offers tons of Plugins and Themes. It […]

Update and manage Security Questions

Update and manage Security Questions Security Questions: You can use this interface for updating and managing Security questions in your WHM account. You can also log in to your WHM account without security questions, if you add a verified IP address using Security Questions Interface. Note: Once you make any changes in this interface, it […]