Shared File Systems (Manila) and Managing Security services

The OpenStack Shared file system is a service which helps every case of Compute to utilize the shared file system. It is offered with the help of following selected services: manila-api: It is a Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) application which verifies and directs the requests across the shared file system service and also provides […]

Explanation of Fuchsia Operating System.

Google is no stranger when it comes to competing with itself whether its hangout, Google Play Music in YouTube, Google Plus in Chromecast, Gmail in inbox or Android in Chrome Operating system. Now the last one is quite intriguing. At a time when Google is kind of integrating an Android and Chrome operating system bringing […]

Working of the OSI (Open System Interconnection 7 Layer) Model Explained in Detail

Working of the OSI ( Open system Interconnection )Model OSI stands for “Open Systems Interconnection” and it is a conceptual framework for how an application communicates over a Network. There are 7 layers in the OSI model and the layers represented in this layer are used to help users to understand what is happening within […]