List of basic commands for XEN VPS & OpenVZ Servers

Today in this blog we will some of the basic commands for XEN VPS and OpenVZ Servers. We will also have a short idea about what is XEN VPS and OpenVZ technology. So without taking much time so let’s start with XEN VPS.  What is XEN VPS? XEN is virtualization technology isolating every single VPS […]

How to update the name servers of my domain? Hostripples

Today we are going to talk about nameservers or you can say DNS. Firstly let’s see What is DNS? and How to connect a domain name to a hosting account? So, First let’s see what is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name servers. Name servers are computers permanently connected to a internet, to translate the […]

How to disable core dumps on Linux Servers

To disable core dumps on Linux Servers Core dump is a memory or a storage dump which records the memory state of a computer program when it was terminated by the operating system due to various error behavior. In this article Hostripples will give you how to disable core dumps on Linux Servers. Please follow the steps to […]