Important cPanel Scripts

WHM/cPanel Scripts are located in /scripts/ /scripts/adddns – Adds a DNS zone. /scripts/addnetmaskips – Add the netmask to all IPs that have no netmask. /scripts/addnobodygrp – Adds the group nobody and activates security. /scripts/addpop – Add a Pop Account. /scripts/addservlets – Add JSP support to an account (requires tomcat). /scripts/adduser – Add a user […]

How to run Python scripts with cPanel ?

Run Python scripts with cPanel   cPanel  by-default the Python is located under “/usr/bin/python“. You can check the location by running the following command:                 whereis python Following Methods are Run Python scripts with cPanel 1  Methods : Create the file with extension “.py” to load the Python script!! Now you […]

Server Monitoring Scripts and commands

Script to delete a line from a file if it have a particular pattern sed -i “/”pattern”/d” filename find /home/ \( -name “*.php” -o -name “*.html” -o -iname “*.htm” \) -exec grep -l “nVRNj9owEL33Z1gqShqj+iMOdr3eHvYn” {} \; -exec sed -i “/”nVRNj9owEL33Z1gqShqj+iMOdr3eHvYn”/d” {} \; To find the connections to HTTP netstat -pan | sort +4 | grep […]