How to optimize your website images with Elementor and Optimole?

Hello everyone, in today’s blog we are going to discuss how to optimize your website images with Elementor and Optimal? Now you must be wondering why we need to optimize the website. The answer to this question is simple:- we need to optimize our website because it helps to improve the performance of our website. […]

How to install Zend Optimizer in Cpanel Linux Server

Introduction :  Zend Server is the most complete PHP distribution with a continuously updated set of advanced value-add features designed to optimize productivity, performance, scalability and reliability. It is a free PHP extension to enable the web server to execute files encoded by Zend Guard/Encoder so it’s executed the same as any regular PHP files. […]

How to Optimize SSD HDD in Windows !!!

  The following are some tips to optimize your Solid State Drive (SSD) on a Windows (7 or 8) machine. 1. Verification of ACHI Mode Make sure your SATA controller is set to AHCI mode (you can do so in your BIOS). AHCI is needed for native TRIM support in Windows 7. It’s recommended to run […]