Instructions to Install and Run Node.js Application

This article depicts how you can install and run the Node.js application on a hosting account. You can utilize Node.js to run your own applications also can host third-persons applications. There are two preconditions for running Node.js on a hosting account: Your record must have the ordinary shell (not jailshell) empowered. Sign in utilizing SSH, […]

Elastic Map Reduce (Sahara): Introduction, Integration with swift and Installation

Today’s blog will walk you through the introduction of Sahara, how it integrates with swift and the steps to install Sahara on your system. Elastic Map Reduce (Sahara) is one of the components of OpenStack and with this component; we are going to continue our discussion on components of OpenStack through our series! Sahara: An […]

OpenStack Database (Trove): Installation and Configuration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux & CentOS and also for Ubuntu

Hello everyone! I am so happy that you have been joined with me for this long period of time! And today we are going to continue with our series of blogs on components of OpenStack. As I mentioned in my previous blog titled: “Overview of Database (Trove) and how to install and configure it for […]